How to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

. Not all women are lucky enough to have the fleshy and thick lips of Angelina Jolie, however the makeup is a great ally to improve the features that we do not like, so with this you can wear lips thicker and more beautiful, similar to Those of this famous. Ways to make up step by step the lips can make these look smaller than they are, so you must take into account all the tricks of the makeup that allow to enlarge the lips.

To make up lips to appear large you only need:

It is important to keep the lips moisturized, these will also help make them appear more fleshy, so first apply the cocoa lipstick. After a few minutes delineate the edge of the lips on the outside, without exaggerating, draw the shape of lips you want. Finally fill the lips with the lipstick of the color you chose and apply the transparent gloss.

Never use dark lipsticks, as these make the lips perish smaller and thinner. The transparent brightness always makes these look bulky. There are also gloss colors and flavors.

  • Prepare the area. To make your mouth look prettier and thicker, you must moisturize your lips very well and also reactivate the circulation of the area. Apply a little bit of cocoa butter to your lips and then with a soft and somewhat worn toothbrush, massage them gently for a few seconds.
  • Apply base. It is advisable to apply base on the lips, remember to do it all over the face to unify the color of the skin and cover some imperfections, also applying it on the lips, it fixes the lips much better.
  • Profiling. You must delineate your lips with a color equal to that of the lipstick that you are going to use, because if you do it with a darker tone you will achieve is to make the mouth smaller. You can also use a lighter shade or similar to the color of your skin, such as beige.
  • The lipstick. For thicker and brighter lips, choose lipsticks with creamy texture and moisturizers, light colors tend to make the mouth bigger, otherwise it happens with the dark tones that make it smaller. The range of roses, bronze and peach feel good to almost everyone and give the mouth a more voluptuous appearance.
  • The touch. You will achieve it by applying a slightly lighter shade in the center of the lower lip or a little gloss or gloss. Another simple trick is to paint the lips in a light tone and apply in the center of the lower lip a touch of gold or silver shade, diffusing well with the finger towards the sides.
  • How can I make up my lips to make them look bigger. If you have very , there is a way to make them look bigger and all that with a good application of makeup. The most important thing is that, before makeup, take good care of your lips. Apply a moisturizing product daily.
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To make up:

  • Apply a foundation or concealer on them. This erases your shape to redesign them later.
  • Outline the contour of the lips, slightly above your natural line, starting from the center outwards.
  • Apply the color (better with a brush) through the inside of the profiled shape and dry them by pressing with a tissue.
  • Review the color again with the lipstick.

How to Makeup Small Lips

How to Makeup Small Lips – Make up the lips correctly is very important to give beauty and balance to the face. The mouth next to the eyes is the moving parts of the face and we can give it more volume, therefore, those who attract more attention and why we should make it the best way possible.

Fine lips should not be a cause for concern or displeasure, you should learn to take advantage of them and use the corresponding shades and delineate properly to look lips attack and never fall into the artificial.

So without further ado we’ll see some makeup tips that helps you a lot in the day to day if your case is to have very thin lips.

  • If you have thin lips, you can thicken them with the aid of the neutral eyeliner pencil and lighter shades. Apply the shine only on the lower lip or in small points to the center of both lips, to make them look fleshier.
  • Never use lipstick dark, as these make the lips perish smaller and thinner. The transparent brightness always makes these look bulky. There are also gloss colors and flavors.
  • To enlarge a mouth too small, it is necessary; slightly overflow the natural contour line, coloring a subtle area of ​​the skin. To perform this operation, we will need a tone that mimics the lip mucosa very well (for example a flesh color, not very dark), then powder the lips with a few compact powders, and will again delineate the mouth with the desired tone to make up the lips.
  • To enlarge the lips, it is necessary to delineate the outer edge with a pencil color skin in dark tone and to apply a clear color in the center. To sharpen lips delineate the inside of the lips using a cotton swab (swab) soaked in the make-up that was used. This trick also works to cover errors or erase makeup.
  • For the color to last longer and in perfect condition it is very important to take into account the hydration of the skin. It is vital that the skin is always moisturized, but at the time of makeup even more, because its appearance and duration will depend entirely on this.
  • To finish we leave a tip for the most daring: When you want to dazzle at a party makeup your lips with golden or silver tones to attract absolutely all eyes. But besides that not only you need to use those colors of makeup for your lips, it is also important to use a suit of a color that harmonizes perfectly with the color of your makeup.
  • Guided by your own lips:  The great advantage of outlining is that you can make your lips look as big or small as you want. If you look outside, you will create the illusion of more voluptuous lips, especially with light colors. Do you want to hide huge lips? Deline on the inside with a dark pencil and makeup with a similar lip. For a provided outline, follow the natural lines of your mouth.
  • Finally I recommend that the products that you use for lip makeup are of a high quality, so that the makeup can not only look more attractive, but also be more durable since all women need makeup to be Keep intact for at least 6 or 8 hours, since for example to go to a celebration of a wedding at least have to have the perfect makeup for about 6 hours, while if it is for a special dinner has to have a better fixation Even though you will drink, you will eat, and you do not want the lips to easily peel off.