How to Prevent and Tighten Sagging Breasts

We all know that over the years our breasts may begin to . Numerous are the causes that make the breasts begin to , some as logical as age (with the years the skin does not have the same elasticity and is normal to off) or even other causes such as having passed multiple pregnancies, that this entails (from the body’s own suffering to all hormonal changes until the baby has been breastfeeding for a long time).

Whatever the main cause of the breasts sag, fortunately we have several ways to prevent this sag of the breasts, as well as solutions for cases where nothing can be prevented.

In this article we will explain how to get a firm and smooth breast. For this we are going to distribute all the information in two parts. In the first, we will explain the prevention that you must follow if you want to keep your breasts in place for the maximum possible time, without having to undergo any surgical or . In the second part, we are going to talk about the operations that you can do well to raise the breasts to its proper place (this operation is called lifting ).

Prevention of

To prevent the appearance of sagging breasts, we will give you a couple of tips. We must emphasize that these “customs” must be carried out over time. It’s no use to spend a week doing these tips and then putting them aside. So, they must be something that suits your daily life and perform it almost daily.

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Tip 1: Finish the shower with cold water

The musculature of your body, as well as the skin, will thank you to end your showers with water as cold as it can withstand.

Neither do we want you to freeze in the winter, but try to put the water of the shower cooler at the end (without it being an unbearable torture) and give it all over the body, including the breasts. This is something that will reactivate the blood circulation of the area and will tighten the skin to the maximum, which will come very well to keep it young and elastic. Also if this shower comes after a sport session, your muscles will recover better.

Tip 2: Moisturizing and firming creams

You can ask your dermatologist what creams can go best for firming your breasts. Many of them can give you creams that usually prescribe to pregnant women and that have the purpose of avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy.

Some of these creams are specially designed to prevent the breasts from sagging, whether or not you are pregnant. One of those good firming creams will help your purpose and is one of the best anti-sag remedies we can give you.

Taking the habit of putting on that cream after a shower, along with a small massage in your breasts, will make the skin is smoother for much longer and the breasts are in place. It is a habit that you must acquire daily and always after a shower, because your pores will be more open and the penetration of that lotion will be greater.

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Tip 3: Specific

Performing exercise that develops and maintains the  is one of the best tips we can give you.

Special care must be taken when talking about exercise and muscle, as many women think that we mean to develop the muscles excessively and reach the body of a bodybuilder. It is not at all what we are referring to.

More specifically, we want to guide you to perform some exercises with weights that will make the muscle is firm and that thanks to it the breasts itself is well firm with the passage of the years. Nor do we want you to think that you must perform infinite exercises for this and dedicate hours and hours. We can say that performing these exercises two or three times a week, with 4 sets of 15 repetitions each is more than enough.

The ideal place to perform these exercises is the gym, because there you will find the necessary utensils for it, as well as more specialized and complete machines, but if you do not feel like signing up for one (although you could get much more out of it) you can do these exercises At home lying in bed and using some small that you can buy, or with something like a full water bottle.

The first exercise is called “Openings”. We leave the following video for you to get the idea.

Also the press with dumbbells is an ideal exercise for the maintenance of the pectoral muscles.

Tip 4: Using the right bra or bra

Using a good bra that holds the breasts properly is extremely important. Spend money on something like that because you’re actually making an investment in your health.

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A good bra will make the firmness of your breasts stay much longer, even if you do not notice it at that very moment.

Surgical Remedy: Lifting Mastopexy

When there is no remedy possible and the breast is completely sagging, there are cosmetic operations that firm this inconvenience, widely used by plastic surgeons.

Elevation mastopexy is the most used aesthetic operation to lift the sagging breasts. As we say, it is an operation that is used as a last resort and when it cannot be done for a breast that could not be raised by other methods.

Elevation mastopexy can be done in two ways: by adding prosthesis (implants) or without adding. Normally it is very common to add breast prostheses once the patient is encouraged to operate, since it is true that with the inclusion of these the breast gives a radical change and that the results obtained are extremely satisfactory.

You can see before and after photographs of the elevation mastopexy in the following link. In it, there are many cases of various patients who have had problems with the firmness of their breasts and have been encouraged to operate. You can see the incredible results obtained.

Both techniques are very pleasing, especially in which implants are included. They can be placed above or below the muscle, depending on the situation of the patient.

Exercises to