How to Prevent Skin Blemishes after Hair Removal

After , the skin becomes more sensitive and exposed to , mainly the sun. Here are some suggestions to take care of your skin after shaving and avoid stains.

How to prevent after hair removal

During the hottest months, where we usually have a greater exposure to the sun’s rays, we must be extra cautious about the depilation and sunshine of the treated skin, if we want to avoid suffering spots on the skin and marks that will later be very difficult to eliminate, and sometimes even impossible.

Choose the appropriate hair removal method to avoid

In depilation, the skin suffers lesions, which are more or less suffered according to each person. The techniques of hair removal by scraping or shaving are the least aggressive with the skin, although they are the least effective and the less durable. On the other hand, the depilation by electric machines is effective, although somewhat aggressive, since its operation involves the removal of the hair one by one. Although the habit of using it causes the pain and discomfort of its practice to wane and almost disappear over time, the skin, although accustomed, will suffer small damages, visible as spots and red spots after practice.

And the most aggressive type of hair removal technique on the skin is wax, whether hot or cold, paste, roll or other similar. While in the other techniques we must be careful with skin care after depilation, in wax techniques our precaution should be maximum, as this mechanism removes both the hairs, layers of dead skin cells, leaving it completely exposed.

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Skin blemishes from after depilation

The most important thing to prevent skin blemishes is related to direct exposure to the sun’s rays. The treated skin is vulnerable and, therefore, more exposed. Then, we must try to perform the depilation during the last moments of the afternoon or the beginning of the nights, so that the skin can recover during the nocturnal rest.

We should also avoid sun exposure of the depilated areas the next day, using clothing that covers this more sensitive skin (such as pants or long skirts, shirts with sleeves or long sleeves, and avoid exposure of the face to the sun with the use of caps, Hats and caps, and always trying to be in the shade).

Other to avoid injury or skin blemishes after shaving

If possible, depilate after the daily shower, so that the hairs are softer and the pores more open. Always shave the skin free of creams or greases, it must be clean and well dry, to avoid injuries or spots on the skin.

After depilation, does not apply creams (moisturizing, nourishing or other), and only treat this skin with special products after depilation, whether cell recovery ointments (such as milking cream or other special, suitable for after depilation) or special cooling gels.

The next day, protect your body with sunscreen, and you’ll always be able to look clean, hairless, and stain free.

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