How To Reduce Lip Size Naturally At Home: 12 Ways

How to naturally at home are often regarded as the center of attention of a person’s face, especially in women. The importance of the lip as part of the overall appearance should be properly maintained and cared. The shape of the will be different for each person depending on the genetic makeup of their bodies. Some have thin  and there’s also which has thick . Each shape of the also has its own uniqueness and no that exactly same from one person to another.

Some are happy to have thin lips, but there also assume full lips sexier. Bigger lips or full considered some more interesting or more inviting. But some people who have thick lips also has its own problems.

How To Reduce Naturally At Home With Daily Care

For people who are not satisfied with the shape of their thick lips usually want to have a small lip. Reducing lip size that we have form we born certainly can not be equated with how to shrink the calf or how to shrink thigh. Need some tricks to be done so that the lips can appear . So that the lips look , to do a proper care for your lips.

1. Using Ice Cubes

Ice cubes not only beneficial for fresh drinks, but is also often used for beauty purposes, among others, could be used for the eyebrows and eyelids. Ice cube also could be use for how to naturally without surgery. How to use it by gluing ice for a minute on the lips. The point will make the muscles wrinkled lip and looked smaller. Small lips by using ice cubes will not be permanent but the results can be seen quickly. Usefulness more ice cubes to beauty is to remove eye bags with ice cubes with ice compress as well as benefits to the eyebrows that were used before unplugging eyebrows so that did not hurt.

2. Clean the Lips

Keeping lips remain clean and cleaning it periodically is a good way on how to reduce lip size naturally at home. Lips should be cleaned a minimum of once a week, if not the lips will appear black because of dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate. The idea that black lips will make lips look smaller is not true, because just looked unappealing. Use a scrub made from sugar and lemon or aloe vera to cleanse the lips regularly. Besides can be used to scrub the lips, there are many benefits of lemon for the skin, benefits of aloe vera for beauty and benefits of aloe vera on the skin.

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3. Moisturizing Lip

Moist lips are also very important because by giving a moisturizer will make the lips soft and smooth. When the lips do not have moisture then the lips will appear dry, and droughts that will make lips look bigger. So, if you want to have a lip that looks smaller then we have to moisturize the lips regularly. Lip moisturizing products already a lot like , lip butter and liquid lipstick which also can be a way to overcome dry lips. Choose which does not cause glossy because it will make lips look great. Use a all over the lips but do not use at the center of the lips to reduce gloss effect. The natural ingredients like honey and butter can also be a way to moisturize the lips.

4. Care for the wound on the lips

The lips are injured or injury will also be swollen and large. Injuries to the mouth can occur due to various reasons, such as lip biting habits, knock or fall, also as a result of contact with a punch and so forth. Injuries to the lips will leave permanent scars if not treated properly. Minor wounds can be treated with ice to immediately dry up, while for more serious injuries can see a doctor to treat it. For other lip care, you can try out how redden lips and how to eliminate the black lips so lips more beautiful.

How To Reduce Lip Size Naturally At Home With Makeup

Although understate the actual lip is an effort that is not easy because the shape of the lips is inherited from our genetics can not be changed, but with the help of tools – makeup tools we can just as make the shape of the lips look smaller. Makeup is a sniper stance for those who are not confident with a large lip shape. There are some  which makeup can make the lips look more attractive and small.

1. Foundation

Foundation can be a way of using the powder for durability. Wearing foundation on the lips can be a way to help because it can reduce the original color of the lips that are too bright and obscures the lip line so that it looks smaller. How to blend foundation on the lips correctly ie with the help of make-up sponge and a little bit of foundation is poured into the palm of the hand. Rub foundation evenly on the lips with the help of makeup sponge and allow some time to dry and fused with the skin. Afterwards add more makeup to the lips such as lipstick. There are several brands of foundation is best for dark skin and even now you can use a BB cream instead of foundation. If your skin is tanned, after using foundation, try selecting powder for brown skin.

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2. Lip Concealer

Using lip concealer helps lips look more natural. Choose a concealer that has the same color or close to the color of your lips. Apply with a heart – the heart of concealer to the top of the lip and down the lips. If there is no makeup sponge, you can use your fingers to rub it. Make sure the concealer to blend perfectly with the skin and not visible streaks, so it will look perfect lip shape and smaller than usual. If your face is round, try the natural makeup for a round face makeup to enhance. If you have dark lips, you can learn also how to wear lipstick to the black lips that look more perfect.

3. Lip Liner

Lip pencil can also be used to form the lip becomes smaller. Use pale colors and neutral about one millimeter from the lip line. Choose the color of some darker than your skin tone. Do not apply a thick pencil, because of the way it makes the lips look thicker. Lip pencil scratched along the lip line with a thin, if it cannot be seen form the line. It also would be a way of diluting the thick lips. To be more perfect makeup, you need to know some brands of bb cream for oily skin, solid powder brands for oily skin and oily skin brand powder for more good for those who have oily skin.

4. Lipstick

Selection of the right lipstick can make lips look smaller. Choose a light-colored lipstick, bright and does not attract a lot of attention to your lips. Avoid glossy lipstick, shiny or pearly or contain glitter because it will make lips look great. Choose a matte textured and creamy lipstick with long-lasting lipstick brands. Note also how to choose the appropriate color lipstick lips and how to wear lipstick to the lips black. If available, use a lipstick using a lip brush to make it more presentable. So that the lips look more beautiful, try a natural way redden bibirdengan toothpaste, honey, lemon, butter, and some other materials. The content of AHA in cosmetics for lips can also provide benefits such as AHA’s lips moisturize, brighten and can act as anti-oxidants for the lips.

How To Reduce Lip Size Naturally At Home With Lip Exercises

Although there is debate whether the lip exercises can make lips look smaller, there is no harm in trying. There are several ways exercises lip to try:

1. Lion’s Breath

Lip exercises or also commonly called Lion’s Breath for a glimpse of our expression will look like a roaring lion. This lip exercises done by opening your mouth wide for several seconds, then close. This lip exercises you can do a few times a day. Be careful not to open your mouth too wide that causing injury or soreness in the jaw.

2. Furrowing Lips

Movement pursed lips facial exercises are part of yoga. This movement but aims to tighten the facial muscles can also make the lips become firmer and stronger. Perform mouth movements such as will give a kiss away with pursed lips as far – away fore so that the muscles lips and face were also interested. The variation of the second movement is with pursed lips and lift into position until almost attached to the nose. Hold for five seconds. Release and repeat five times.

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3. Sucking Lips

These exercises tighten the muscles around the lips and inside the mouth. Insert the index finger into your mouth and suck as hard as possible. The muscles around the cheek and mouth will taste contract. Hold for five minutes, then relax the muscles of the mouth and remove the index finger. Repeat ten times, making sure your fingers are clean before starting exercises these lips.

4. Form Letter O

This exercise is done by forming the lip into the letter O. Promote small lips into an O and hold until you feel the cheek muscle to contract. After his release for a while and repeat about ten times the movement. Be careful in doing this lip exercises, do not force yourself too much time to do it so as not to cause pain in the muscles – facial muscles around the lips.

Other to Reduce Lip Size Naturally at Home

Still there are some tips you can do to reduce lip size naturally at home in daily life today. Try to do some of the following:

  • Clean the lips at least once a week.
  • Moisten lip moisturizer or a natural herb every day.
  • Keep your lips stay hydrated by drinking enough water 6 to 8 glasses per day.
  • Take care immediately if injured lip and stop the habit of biting your lip.
  • Frequent smiling can also be a very good way to make lips look smaller.
  • Avoid biting the lips or peeling skin, dry lips.

Actually there is no problem with the bigger lips, but often the public opinion can affect women who have a bigger lip shape so wanted a smaller lip based on the standard of beauty in general. It would be better if you have a large or wide lip shape is not too depressed with what they have. Basically all the beautiful women in his own way, so try to love yourself and your own natural appearance. Find a way to highlight strengths rather than just thinking about your own shortcomings.

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