How to Reduce the Size of the Feet

Small elegant legs adorn any woman, and looks very aesthetically pleasing, causing, unknowingly, association with Cinderella.

But what about who have wide feet? Many of them suffer in this way, the complex and consider that it is their guilt. These women’s shoe shops are more difficult to pick up a shoe to taste. Some even refer to a surgeon at risk and have surgery to reduce the foot. Here amputated fingers or reduce the of the radius, and then the spliced New. A woman who went to such radical measures, facing new challenges: changes in the gait worse, will be difficult even standing. As for what will resemble the legs after such a procedure, is a Different history. You can even remember the inhuman Japanese customs of the past centuries, when a woman with small feet hereby.

Ntovyvali old and put on a special cushion to make a small foot. As a result, an unaided woman even moved with difficulty. And the view of so disproportionate in relation to the rest of the body of the foot for Europeans seems creepy.

We should not test their health and go to extremes. After all, you can only visually reduce the size of your feet. Some simple tricks can help you do this without much effort. Women with this problem should pay attention to how of a sock in the shoe. Help visually lengthens even more , but helps to reduce visually rounded. Shoes with heels always make the leg more elegant than flat shoes. Therefore, even if the woman is tall to hide A large shoe size, you need to choose shoes with heels. Other thing there may be a slight heel. However, the constant use of high heels also able to deform the leg. The foot is in an unnatural position by themselves, which increases the rise and the fingers extend and become even longer. In addition, the foot stretches on women, has become very involved in dance and ballet.

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Women who have , you have to make sure that not only shoes, clothing, but also helped to hide this deficiency. Therefore, the socks should be the same color as the shoes, in any case, does not contrast, of Otherwise, only draw attention to the legs. It is advisable to wear dark-colored flared pants are better instead of diminish. If a woman with this problem prefers skirt, then choose bright and striking to distract attention from the feet. In As for the pedicure, the choice of women with large feet – dark varnish visually reduces the leg. But should not elongate nails better shear briefly.

If women are overweight, it is possible to reduce the amount of foot, dropping fifteen – twenty kilograms. The rest is to make a careful selection of clothing. But if the woman is seriously baffled by the problem of how to reduce the size of the feet, you will abide by these tips and you will soon notice the results. Also, you have to remember that self-confidence – a quality that will proudly present your weaknesses and turn them into advantages. If a woman radiates joy, with bright eyes, she is up and running the flight of life, no matter what she may have been the size of her feet, do not even think to count this inconvenience.

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