How to Remove Double Chin Without Liposuction

The appearance of this accumulation of fat and/or skin, is due to various reasons, mainly due to overweight, obesity, loss of muscle tension, or other factors such as genetics, have contributed to this unpleasant sagging appear. However, there are many , tips, which can be followed and will help, both to prevent and to gradually eliminate the .

The most common procedure to improve the dewlap is a beard liposuction. Beard liposuction is used to mark the lower jaw. However, one of the complications of a beard liposuction is a scar in the form of a rake, which is especially noticeable when the person throws his head back. So, before you spend money on this expensive and drastic process, you can try doing these exercises that can help you re-emphasize your jaw and beard.

Why does a double chin come out?

There are many factors that can contribute to the formation of the double chin. It almost always comes from having too much weight and an inactive lifestyle, but another reason may be that, as we age, the skin loses its elasticity and remains hanging. Also, muscles that do not exercise lose their firmness. That includes the , which goes from the jaw to the neck. Even losing a lot of weight can cause the skin to hang in the neck area (there are natural ways to firm skin after ).

for the jowls help to reaffirm and work both the platysma muscle and other muscles in the area. After doing these exercises for a while, you will work those muscles and you will need less time to maintain them since it is always easier to maintain a muscle than to work it.

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Exercises to eliminate your double chin

Here are some exercises that will help you get rid of the double chin. Remember that you need to do them regularly for best results.

  1. Open the mouth. A very effective exercise is to open your mouth as much as you can and pull out your tongue as far as you can; then try to touch your beard with your tongue. Stay like this for 10 seconds and repeat it 10 times. When you do this exercise, you will feel the muscles of your beard and neck harden.
  2. Hanging head. Lie on a bed or sofa with your head hanging from the shore. Lift your beard to your chest. Hold the contraction for 10 seconds and then slowly lower your head to the starting position. Repeat 10 times and then relax.
  3. Weights of beard. This exercise helps strengthen and tighten the muscles of your face and neck. Stand with your back and neck straight. Lift your beard to the ceiling and form with your lips an exaggerated kiss. Counts up to 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.
  4. Turn your neck. Stand with the column very straight. Turn your head to one side so that the beard is parallel to the shoulder. Your eyes should also look to the side. Slowly, turn your head down and then up, to the other side. Repeat 10 times.
  5. Exercise for the platysma. This exercise is for the muscle that goes from your jaw to the neck, called platysma. Stand with your neck erect. Squeeze the tendons in your jaw by pulling your lips so that they are over your teeth and pull the corners of your mouth down as if you were a sad face. Hold your face like this for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times.
  6. The exercise of the tennis ball. Put a tennis ball against your throat and hold it with your beard. Press your beard against the ball strongly and then let go of it slowly. Repeat 10 times.
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In addition to doing those exercises, you should consider losing weight, if you are overweight. When a person is too fat, there is an accumulation of fat throughout the body, which can create a double chin. The jowl exercises will have better results if combined with a balanced diet.

6 Practical Tips on How to Groom Off Efficiently:

Following certain tips, you can get the reduction of the double chin

  1. Lose weight: If there is overweight or obesity, the first and most important measure is to maintain ideal and healthy weight, this will not only help prevent the appearance of the double chin but also, will contribute to its elimination, Leading a balanced diet and exercising, will help to achieve this. With proper calorie intake, and with a very well designed plan that encourages fat burning.
  2. Exercising the muscles: Exercise is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the double chin, it is essential to exercise, pronouncing open and exaggerated vowels, reaffirming and hardening the area of ​​the double chin. It is advisable to perform these exercises in front of the mirror, exaggerating the gestures, the result will be toning the muscles.
  3. Chewing gum or chewing gum: it is one of the most practical ways to eliminate the jowl and/or contribute to it disappear, it is considered as an ideal exercise, it allows to reaffirm the muscles of the face, you must use a good amount and exaggerate the chewed.
  4. A good hydration: in addition to drinking lots of water, for the proper functioning of the body in general, it is advisable to apply a moisturizing lotion and/or apply a cream with lifting effect.
  5. Consult a doctor: the best way to eliminate the double chin, is knowing the origin that caused it, for it, it is recommended to consult an expert, who can give an assessment and examine, and recommend the best treatment.
  6. Sleep well: having a good posture is essential, it is recommended to sleep with not so high pillows, and maintain a correct posture when performing daily activities.
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There are many exercises that are a great alternative to eliminate the double chin, in addition to other options such as surgery, however, the best forms are natural and especially those that help prevent.

The most important thing is to maintain a healthy weight, and to avoid going up and down, there are currently many plans and programs that are very helpful, which will help and facilitate achieving this goal, another very important aspect that should not be forgotten, is to avoid Anxiety and focus on looking for the best alternatives to reduce gills.