How to Remove the Barcode (Wrinkles On the Lips)

From the age of 35 on the face, begin to appear and the lines of expression are marked. These are very unsightly for some people, that is why they resort to treatments to eliminate or soften them and thus become more satisfied with a younger appearance. The of the eyebrow, the crow’s feet, and the bar code are the that are most noticeable when this stage arrives because they are in the face, which you can not hide behind the roa as could be the case with other signs of to age.

The set of wrinkles referred to as “barcodes” (those that are located above the lips), are very noticeable to the naked eye and are highlighted even more when making some movement with the mouth.

These wrinkles are very common in women smokers. The bar code is more remarked on female smokers because they perform a continuous movement with the muscles of the mouth when sucking the smoke of the cigarette.

People want to wear a young face for a long time and these wrinkles prevent that goal, but fortunately there are several techniques to eliminate these unsightly imperfections.

on the lips?

There are several techniques for removing the barcode. Among the most important are:

Botox (botulinum toxin)

Botox is extracted from bacteria. It has several uses in addition to softening wrinkles is used to treat excessive sweating of the hands and underarms ( hyperhidrosis ).

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Botox is excellent for making less visible. To apply it is used a syringe with a very fine needle to avoid damaging the skin. This paralyzes and relaxes the muscles and does not allow these to become tense, which is at that time when wrinkles occur.

The results are excellent and you will be able to look a smooth skin without wrinkles in the area of ​​the lips. This effect lasts approximately 4 months and the toxin must be injected after that time so that the results are maintained. The application of Botox is not painful because the needle is very fine, only some discomfort is produced by the puncture. The surgeon will apply ice to lessen these discomforts.

This treatment has side effects that can last for a few weeks, among them can occur symptoms similar to flu, swelling, pain, headache, upset stomach… However, since there is a little amount of Botox to be injected, these Symptoms are likely not to appear.


The treatment is called Yag Laser and delivers fabulous results in just one session without needing to suffer pain or discomfort.

After protecting the patient’s eyes, the surgeon applies local anesthesia and uses a machine that sends energy pulses over the upper lip area. The purpose of these energy pulses is to vaporize the first layer of skin and thus eliminate the softer wrinkles. After the session, the area will become inflamed and very red, but with the passage of days will form a new skin and the redness will disappear.

It is important to avoid exposure to the sun during the post-operative period.

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The yag laser renews the skin without the need to apply any other product. It is ideal for wrinkles that just begin to appear above the upper lips. In case you have more wrinkles on your face you can take advantage of the session and eliminate all wrinkles at the same time.

Facials Massages

Those who wish to remove the bar code without performing a surgical treatment can be massaged in the area. You clarify that the results are not even similar to those provided by previous treatments.

In massages, you can use a cream with lifting effect to have better and faster results. Apply the cream in the area. With clean hands place the thumbs inside the upper lip and with the index finger pull out smoothly. Repeat this massage for 15 minutes, every day.

It is important to be constant because, as we say, the results are not as satisfactory as the most professional treatments, but if you do that massage every day you can get good results over time.

Whatever treatment you decide to carry out to remove or hide the barcode, what is certain is that you will need a professional. Before you undergo any tests you must ensure that you are in the proper hands of a qualified person. You should also look for a center or a clinic with the right facilities; otherwise, you could put your health at risk incompetently.

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