How to Shrink Long and Wide Feet Naturally

- Having a small thighs and calves are the dream of every women, because the shape of the feet that are small and healthy makes women more confident, especially when wearing a miniskirt that clearly showed their feet. In addition, the level of form will make women be more daring to wear shorts, short skirts or mini dress she liked. Check out some of the ways How to Shrink Long and Naturally below:

How to Shrink Long and Wide Feet Naturally

Do not consume foods that are greasy or fatty

The first step that you should do to shrink the long and wide feet is by not consuming foods that are greasy or fatty. Familiarize yourself not to add oil saturation in the food you consume so that there will be no fat that accumulates, especially on the part of the thigh.

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The consumption of healthy food and cook with wise way, ranging from boiling, roasting, broiled or even consume raw foods. In addition to good to shrink long and wide feet naturally, this way is also good for helping to shrink the stomach.

Increase the consumption of foods high in fiber

How to Shrink Long and Wide Feet Naturally with emphasis on the consumption of food, especially foods that are high in fiber. Fiber is found in foods, especially vegetables, fruits in it is extremely needed by the body, is not only good for losing weight and shrink the distance is great, the fiber is also good for keeping your body’s endurance. With the increased consumption of foods high in fiber, the body will always be healthy and excessive fat in the body ever disappear little by little, other than rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits rich in this vitamin.

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Fitness or do gymnastics

How to shrink long and wide feet naturally is best with fitness and do gymnastics. Follow gymnastics or fitness is the best way because it can be performed at any time when you are free. The movement of any fitness or gymnastics is much easier and can be learned from the trainers. Do this training regularly until the shape of feet you wish to form.


In addition to the routine of doing gymnastics and fitness, another way How to Shrink Long and Wide Feet Naturally is by exercising. Exercise can be done at any time, it could be another option when you can’t do gymnastics or go to the gym for fitness. The sport itself for at least 15-20 minutes each day, be it at or in other places (where ever you like it).

Most good and suitable to shrink the distance is jogging and running, both of which can be done in the home or in a residential complex of you, do this exercise every day twice, in the morning and in the evening. By exercising, fat in the legs will disappear and the shape of your legs will look smaller than ever.

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How to shrink long and wide feet naturally by doing the steps above which best can be done from now on. It takes sacrifice and patience if you really want to successfully shrink your long and wide feet.

Small and slim legs that will give you a lot of convenience, especially when you are wearing short pants or skirts that accentuate the shape of your foot, great toe shape also became a pride, you won’t feel shy and more confident when wearing low cut clothes. In addition to good for appearance, small feet not big fatty, much healthier. Get a small foot and healthy by following the tips how to shrink long and wide feet naturally.

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