How To Treat A Cervical Contracture

The best ways to handle a cervical contracture is by taking , doing , using natural remedies, taking rest, among other guidelines, that following them in the right way, can help combat the symptoms related to this type of contracture.

Cervical contracture, as the name implies, is a contraction in the , in a group of muscles or muscle, the trapezius being one of the most affected. The reasons that can be given can be many, within the most common are injuries due to accidents, .

How to identify a cervical contracture

Contractures are very common, to identify a cervical contracture, it is very easy, since there will be pain, discomfort in the , this can occur only on certain occasions or remain constant, you can also experience pain, swelling, stitches, Feeling hot, tingling, and stiffness.

Having a cervical contracture is not considered serious, as anyone can experience it at some point. If certain care is followed, the prognosis is good, in few cases it can become complicated.

If you have a cervical contracture, it will be very simple following these guidelines to relieve the symptoms.

1. You must keep rest:

Although it is not considered a serious injury, it is necessary that when the pain or discomfort is very uncomfortable and that it will affect the daily activities. Therefore, it will only be necessary a little rest, not total, this can be partial or moderate, but avoid making and activities that worsen the condition, suspend intense physical activity.

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2. Use a collar:

Depending on the intensity of the pain, it may be necessary to use a collar that helps to immobilize and thus prevent it from getting worse, this is very common especially in a cervical contracture resulting from an injury due to some fall, car accident. Etc. only use it for two days, or as long as the doctor has indicated, do not use it if the specialist has not suggested it.

3. Taking medicines for pain and for desinflamar:

In some cases, and especially if there is no time to rest or rest, you can use certain drugs that most of them are over-the-counter, some of these are: anti-inflammatories, painkillers.

4. Take care of your posture:

It is important to have good posture, this to prevent, and to help the cervical contracture to disappear, try to sleep with adequate pillows.

5. Use of cold and hot water:

One of the ways to treat a cervical contracture, is in contrast baths, which is very useful, when you take a shower, alternating cold water and hot water, this will help stimulate circulation, which will aid in the relief of contracture.

6. Arnica uses:

One of the most practical ways to treat a cervical contracture is the use of an arnica-based ointment, which, because of its benefits, helps fight , you can apply it before bed to rest better, it is very easy to get.

7. Aromatherapy:

The use of essential oils is very useful to be able to relax and help relieve the pain and inflammation of the cervical contracture. You can use them to massage the area, or to add the oils in aromatic baths. You can use lavender, thyme, rosemary, ginger, marjoram oil. You can add to the tub, salts from Epsom, and enjoy a hot shower. Try to relax while you enjoy the water in the tub, stay for a few minutes. You can massage the damaged area.

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8. Performs relaxation exercises:

Practicing them helps in cases of cervical contractures, you can start in the morning and in the afternoon, as this in addition to helping you feel better, you can combat tension, stress, control breathing, and above all try to take small moments to rest And relax in the day, take a break in the different activities that you have to perform. If you work all day at a desk, take the time to stretch, doing certain movements will help prevent a cervical contracture.


A cervical contracture is a knot in the muscle, so the circulation is not good, and what causes a pain that can be mild or intense. So doing the guidelines that have been suggested will help you to improve this condition.

In very few cases a can be complicated, but it can happen, so if you notice that discomfort does not subside, then you should go to a specialist so that you can check.

A contracture in the cervical area is one of the most common

How to prevent cervical contracture

There are many ways to prevent a contracture, you just have to have good habits:

  • It uses a comfortable seat, since when using furniture or chair uncomfortable can lead to have a bad posture, which would allow to be vulnerable to suffer from contractures
  • If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, try to get up so you do not stay for a long time in one position
  • Exercising regularly, being inactive, can lead to being susceptible to developing contractures
  • Try to manage levels of stress and emotions, to avoid developing cervical contractures
  • Drink warm infusions, and enjoy them
  • Take hot showers
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Although a muscle contracture is not usually severe, if necessary, you take care to be treated in case it appears, so it is important to follow the options suggested here, you need to keep calm and patience, as you can take a few days for the cervical contracture to disappear.

Although it is common for cervical contracture to be a result of poor posture, sudden movements, tension, stress, if the case is the result of injury or jerking after having played a sport, or having suffered a fall, it is necessary to go with The doctor or specialist is not advised to self medicate, or let it pass, as it could be a serious injury. Depending on what the specialist says, in some cases physiotherapy will be advised.