How to Wear Flat and Heeled Boots in 2019: Looks and Inspirations for Every Season and Occasion!

How to wear ankle boots? Flat, heeled, laces, wedges, leather, suede, velvet and more … the boots offer many trend looks in 2019! And in this light, if you too fall into the category of true fashionistas, maybe this article will give you some good tips to resume to display an unequivocal look! Trendy, comfortable and adapted to several stylistic interventions, boots can sometimes park on the wrong step! So that this does not happen to you, here are all our modern looks, carefully selected by our editorial staff, to show you how to master this fashion essential with elegance!

How to wear or heels: inspirations in pictures!

Generally, boots are relatively more difficult to wear compared to knee high boots! The proof, in a few moments. Leather, velvet, heels or just plain, the boots come in several styles and materials and are a super trend accessory of the moment. Depending on the model chosen, you are able to create an ideal outfit for your day at work, as well as a perfect look for an evening with friends! Demonstration with complete decryption to follow!

: trendy looks every day

For a casual style perfect for a long day, bet on flat boots or those with small thick heels! For a look even more chic, prefer lace models! Regarding the lower part of your outfit, pants and slim jeans are a must! Why? Well, to avoid the formation of folds, which are not at all trendy! That’s why pants that are too loose or oversized are not an option to consider when it comes to your boots! If, however, you do not have skinny jeans, a pretty short model, which stops just above your shoes will also do the trick!

Good accessories as a way to personalize your look!

For the most daring of you, you can combine your boots with an original t-shirt illustrating your favorite band or a casual denim jacket, which you particularly like! Then do not forget to accessorize your outfit! For this purpose, add a mini bag worn over the shoulder or back, and a good pair of trendy glasses. The oversized earrings are equally suitable. And during the cooler days, put a scarf tied around your neck! Basically, be creative and feel free to experiment. The accessories will no doubt make your outfit more personalized and trendier!

How to wear ankle boots to make your legs longer?

How to wear boots without false note, while making your legs longer? Before you let yourself be tempted by this essential fashion, know that you must never associate your boots to a super short pants or a wide model! Despite the fact that this will greatly shorten your legs, while giving you an unsightly look, this outfit can also make you look rounder! So, it is certainly to be avoided by small women!

How to wear ankle boots for an evening with girlfriends?

Just like the fake fur vest , which we talked about a while ago, the boots are married with everything, no matter the occasion! In the case of a night out in town or an evening with friends, bet on black leather boots and stiletto heels. The model in question will make your silhouette thinner and your legs longer. If, on the other hand, you do not like heels too high, nothing prevents you to opt for a pair of low heels, even thick!

To wear your boots, everything is about association!

Basically, the first step towards a trendy outfit and worthy of an evening is to choose a pair of boots of good quality and original style to stand out from all these girls in the street and in restaurants wearing black shoes down range! The key point is to find a way to wear boots without falling into the dark! Pastel color or with snake print, like the one shown in the photo above, your model will be much less commonplace than those you see on other feet!

That’s how to wear lace boots!

In summer, wear your ankle boots with a pretty denim skirt or a chic dress to show off your long legs. Also choose an elegant shirt to go with the skirt. Tuck it in and add a thin leather belt. As for the winter months, emphasize your style by associating your shoes with a black dress. Red, khaki and navy blue are also a good option for the cold season. However, when the weather becomes milder, bring a touch of summer to your outfit, focusing on pastel shades and bright tones! And finally, for more stylistic inspirations on the subject, do not wait any longer and browse the remaining part of our original photo gallery!