Increase the Size of Clitoris and Labia Minora

In another post has arisen the subject that the clitoris can grow and I have looked for information and I have found a lot. There is always talking about penis size and never about female genitalia.

Question for the uncles, you have preference of sizes? I give you the information:

Women have it too!

It can be difficult for many to wonder why women should be concerned about the size and shape of their genitals. This is because we often do not imagine women having , it is assumed that everything is inside their body and out of sight. Women have a vagina, this is told in school and in life. The fact that girls and women have a vulva is rarely mentioned. We do not imagine women having external genitalia, That is something that only children and men are supposed to have. Actually women have that come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

As girls, women can see their genitals as nothing more than a soft dimple between their thighs. What is there is small, soft, rosy and indistinct. While the genitals of young girls vary, they all look very much like the casual observer. (There are normal and healthy who have very prominent lips and clitoris.) Young girls are not likely to know that the vulva of their mothers and other often look very different from their own. Since pubic hair often hides the genitals of , even if girls see naked , They are prone to believe that their genitals look the same. Not allowing girls to examine the genitals of their mothers and other , and not allowing them to see images of vulvas, can have a very negative effect on self-image later in life.

Puberty: Time of Changes

During puberty a girl’s genitals can undergo a major transformation. Even before the apparent development of the breasts the tissues of the vulva begin to respond to the increased levels of hormones becoming thicker and larger. Before puberty the skin of the vulva is thin and can be easily damaged and irritated. During puberty the lips, cap, clitoris and hymen often increase markedly in size. It not only changes the size of the girl’s genitals, but also their color and texture. Since pubic hair also begins to grow at this stage, girls are less likely to notice these changes, unless they look at themselves with a mirror or notice it with their fingers. Even if the girl bathes with other girls is not likely to notice that the other girls have also experienced the same changes. After all, girls and women are not allowed to play show and talk about their genitals. (Girls and women usually look at the genitals of other girls and women when given the chance, out of natural curiosity.) Following puberty, the girl’s genitals may look not too different from what they looked like in childhood.

If teens and women examine their genitals they may become concerned about these changes, feeling strange and deviant. They may feel that their genitals have been deformed by masturbating, and as a result someone who saw their genitals would know that they have been doing it. You may feel that you are being punished for having sexual thoughts. It is for these reasons that young girls and adolescents should be aware of these changes. They should know that these changes are normal and necessary, to help improve their self image. It is not desirable that they feel the need to conceal their genitals.

Exploring Forbidden Territory

In the past years, women never thought to look or even touch their genitals. This was strictly the responsibility of a doctor. Her genitals were off limits. Today, women are more comfortable with their bodies and are more likely to explore their genitals. When they do, they may not be content with what they find. Women generally have an unreal expectation of how their genitals should look. Most anatomy books portray the woman’s genitals as small and uniform. If the illustrations are in color, the vulva normally appears evenly pink. As a result it is reasonable to believe that many women feel uncomfortable with the appearance of their genitals even if they feel comfortable looking at them. This can have important repercussions on your sexuality. We tend to hide what terrifies or embarrasses us.

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Since so many women see their genitals with some degree of shame, They feel very uncomfortable with the idea of ​​looking at pictures of the genitals of others. They may feel that those photos, and the people who watch them, are inappropriate. The truth is that these photos hold the key to help women come to appreciate and understand the normal diversity of female genitalia. The woman can spend the whole day in a ladies’ bath and never see a simple vulva, because the pubic hair normally covers them from sight. The only way that most heterosexual women have to see the genitals of other women is through photographs and video, because women are not likely to compare their genitals with those of their friends. Butterfly


The appearance that seems to worry many women is the shape, size, and color of their smaller lips. For many women, her lower lips are bigger than the older ones. Many, if not most, do not have the simple heart-shaped lips shown in popular texts. The color of your lips may be brown or black, not pink. They can be thick and wrinkled instead of thin and smooth. As the photos and illustrations on this page clearly show, the smaller lips come in a multitude of normal shapes and sizes. These photos and illustrations more accurately show natural diversity more than any other source. The famous magazines for men also do not usually show this diversity.

Concern about the size and shape of the lips is perhaps worse in women of non-Caucasian races because most books are based on Caucasian ideals. Women and doctors are not likely to note the fact that girls and women in a racial group from South Africa usually have distinctive minor lips that project up to four inches (10 cm) away from the labia majora. These girls and women can be seen as deformed, by themselves and by their doctor. An example of this is shown on Dr. Alter’s website. Lips projected off the labia majora are common and normal in all races of women, but not as common, being almost a universal fact, as it is in these African girls and women. The amount of the projection for all these races of women can be up to a couple of inches (5 cm) when the lips are at rest, or more when they are opened.

The labia minora can be modified because they have nothing in their structure to maintain their size and shape if they are deformed for any length of time. They are often very elastic and easy to stretch. Its structure is very similar to that of a sponge. If the woman masturbates by pulling on her smaller lips, she can cause them to become longer and thicker. They are rare and few women who desire large labia minora and pull them regularly, causing this result. There are those who accomplish this by piercing the smaller lips and hanging small weights of inserted jewelry. Contrary to popular belief, most masturbation practices of girls or women do not alter the shape of their genitals, at least drastically. If a woman masturbates she can often develop larger blood vessels and erectile tissues that will result in slightly larger genital structures. This is rather an indication of health, not disease. Having larger genital structures is not an indication of masturbation, as some claim.

Mine are greater than yours!

In some cultures, women with large lower lips were / are considered very attractive, so girls and women were induced into the habit of making them larger. Some began the practice being very young and continued into adulthood. They often used ritual masturbation, sometimes mutual, in couples and groups. Some used a bunch of grass to allow a better grip on their lips. Others apparently wrapped their lips around a piece of animal horn or a small cane. Natural irritants were also applied to make the lips swell and increase in size. Some used symbolism, such as applying the ashes of a bat’s incinerated bat to the lips. In these societies lips less than four to six inches (10-15 cm) long were considered most desirable. These practices shook the first European explorers, who were often representatives of European religions, and were quickly eradicated or taken underground.

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Estrogen Sensitivity

The labia minora are very sensitive to estrogen and when exposed to high levels may result in an increase in size and sensitivity. This can become a very uncomfortable condition requiring the attention of a doctor. Some medications and creams can cause this. Most large labia minors are the result of genetics, not environmental causes.

Which size?

Dickinson reports having examined a woman with lips smaller than 7.5 cm. (3 inches) each, 15 cm. (6 inches) from end to end, being completely open, and achieving a length of almost 11.5 cm. (4.5 inches) 23 cm. (9 inches) from tip to tip, being subjected to a moderate force. He later reported 5 cases measuring between 5 and 7.5 cm. (2-3 inches) being fully open.

Girls are not supposed to have one of those!

It can impact many to know that some normal and healthy women have a penis, only we prefer to call their penis clitoris. While some object to this analogy, it is accurate from a sexual and biological perspective. The penis and clitoris are made of the same tissues and function in the same way because they develop from the same fetal structures. In males, the penis is normally exposed in the mother’s womb to increased levels of androgens, one of which is testosterone. This results in men having a more visible, but not necessarily larger, penis. For part of their time in the womb, all women have a very large clitoris, in proportion to the rest of their body, by the sequence in which things develop. In the end, having a penis is not only a privilege of men and boys, No matter what society may dictate.

That cute girl???

As a result of genetics or having been exposed to increased levels of androgens in the matrix, Some girls are born with a clitoris that looks a lot like a “penis,” often to the dismay or shame of their parents; Not to mention the medical staff. It is important to keep in mind that she is still a normal and healthy “girl”. It is not deformed or imperfect. Instead of reassuring parents by telling them that it is normal, doctors often cut the girl’s penis or reduce it, under the premise of correcting a mistake of nature. This is supposed to result in the girl growing up as an adult and healthy woman, who will not question her sex. The truth is that even if your penis is removed, you can still question your sex, as sex is the result of hormonal and genetic impressions. If she is really a he, cutting her penis will not change her sex. A person’s physical appearance may not influence his or her true sex or sexual orientation, since males and females are slightly different variants of the same. Parents should not consent to cosmetic surgery on their children’s genitals, of either sex. If there are no medical problems, there are no problems.

More than what the Eye sees!

The only real difference between a clitoris and a penis is the average portion size we can see with our eyes. Three quarters of the clitoris remain hidden from view. The average clitoris is about four inches (10 cm) long, the same as a flaccid penis. The illustrations in the Anatomy section reveal the true size of the clitoris. The only other difference between the two is that the urethra of the clitoris does not extend all the way to the tip of the glans, as is the case with some penises.


The visible portion of some normal females and females measures up to about 2½ inches (6.3 cm) long and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. When they are this size, they really look like a penis. The only difference is a groove along the bottom of the clitoris where the urethra would be located in the penis. While urine may not travel to the tip of these large clitoris, they look and function like a penis. These women, as well as women in general, are able to experience erections, the sensation of having a “stoppage,” producing ejaculatory fluid in their paraurethral glands, And even ejaculate. Women with these large clitoris may even have intercourse by inserting their clitoris into the vagina or anus of their partner.

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While the average clitoris is much smaller in size, it works just as well. The average clitoral glans is about a quarter of an inch (6 mm) in diameter and the body of the clitoris is three-quarters of an inch (19 mm) long. The portion of the clitoris that emerges from the pubic bone, which can be felt with the fingers, is then one inch (25 mm) long and one quarter inch (6 mm) in diameter. There are clitoris that are very small and difficult to locate inside the folds of the lips and the cap. Others are completely hidden under their hood and can not be seen, but they can feel. Regardless of their size, The clitoris can give the woman intense pleasure.

Will It Get Bigger?

The structure of the clitoris does not lend itself easily to change as a result of mechanical forces. The masturbation habits of most women are not likely to affect the size of your clitoris, rather than causing a slight increase in size to improve blood circulation if you masturbate regularly. Again, a sign of health, not illness. Using unusual force, such as carrying large amounts of blood to the clitoris with a vacuum pump regularly, can result in an increase in size because the vascular structures are slowly stretched and enlarged to accommodate additional blood. There are probably not many women who do this, but with the advancement of the Internet this can change. Since the writing of this article the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a clitoral pump for the treatment of female sexual dysfunctions.

Idolized Clitoris

There are some references that indicate that a large clitoris was also considered attractive in some cultures, then again, girls and women performed practices to produce this result. The validity of these claims is doubtful, but it seems probable. It is not known whether the clitoris was actually enlarged by these practices or whether the clitoris was more pronounced as a result of increased mobility caused by the stretching of the connective tissues. The clitoris of these women may have been more visible rather than larger.

Sensitivity Androgen

The clitoris is very sensitive to androgens like testosterone. Prescription and non-prescription steroid drugs can cause clitoral enlargement. Some clitoris achieve a maximum size of about 2½ inches (6.3 cm) if steroids are taken for an extended period of time and depending on the woman’s age. Athletes who take steroids to increase muscle mass and strength frequently experience this side effect. As do transsexuals from woman to man. Steroids are sometimes prescribed to treat other medical conditions, such as lack of libido, causing this result, but usually to a lesser extent. The vast majority of large clitoris are the result of genetics, not drugs as some presume, Believing that a giant clitoris can not be natural.

Penis envy?

While there is no evidence to support the claim that a large clitoris works better, a few women have a form of penis envy. As more women are learning that their clitoris is a small penis capable of being much larger, some express their desire to enlarge it. Perhaps having the hope that being bigger would work better and would be easier for their partners and for them to find and stimulate it. A few women may even desire a small penis of their own, even though they are happy to be a female woman. In addition, if the woman feels better by the size of her clitoris, she is probably more sexual and more sexually sensitive having achieved a larger clitoris, or even a smaller one. After all, our brain is our largest sex organ. It is important to keep in mind that the brain plays a very important role in female sexual pleasure like the clitoris, regardless of the size of the clitoris. For the moment, I do not know of any safe and proven method of enlarging the clitoris that does not expose it to undesirable side effects.

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