Is it Okay Having Sex during Pregnancy?

Most women with a normal may continue having sexual relationships until just before you break the source or bag of waters. 

Can I have sex while I’m ?

However, there are some special circumstances where you would need to modify sexual activity or suspend it entirely, your doctor or midwife will guide when you need not make love for some time during your pregnancy or even during the remainder of the pregnancy.

Could sex in pregnancy hurt your baby?

No, a baby does not suffer any damage when a pregnant woman makes love. The cervix is sealed by a thick mucous membrane that protects against infections. The penis does not reach beyond the neck of the vagina, so it will not reach the baby.

Can making love trigger birth?

No, if your pregnancy is normal and low risk. Sexual stimulation or orgasm does not cause labor to start or cause abortion. And although orgasm can cause slight contractions of the uterus, these are usually not harmful and are also temporary. Substances found in the semen called and stimulation of the nipples can also cause such contractions.

Will I feel the same now that I am pregnant?

Many women claim that intercourse changes with pregnancy. For some they are even more pleasurable at least sometimes. Others find them less pleasurable, for some months, or even throughout pregnancy.

What happens is the following. The pelvis has more blood flow during pregnancy, which can cause swelling of the genitals and increase feelings of pleasure. In addition, you have more and moisture during pregnancy, which can also be an advantage.

On the other hand, these changes may not please you and you feel that the same swelling gives you an uncomfortable feeling. Some women also feel cramping (such as menstruation) during or just after intercourse or orgasm.

May your breasts be tender, and painful to touch, especially during the first trimester. This sensitivity usually decreases with the passage of months, but often the breasts are still more sensitive than normal. Some women find this feeling pleasant, while others prefer not to touch them.

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If something is uncomfortable, tell your partner, even if it is something they used to do before. If you notice you feel , but do not enjoy penetration, consider other erotic activities that do not involve penetration, such as oral sex or manually met. Experiment to find the way to make love that allows you to enjoy both.

And remember that physical intimacy goes far beyond sex. If you do not feel like having sex or your doctor will it banned, may kissing, hugging, fondling and feel united through this physical and emotional closeness.

Since I got pregnant I do not feel like making love. It is normal?

There is a very wide range of individual experiences regarding sexual desire during pregnancy. Some women have a much stronger desire when they are pregnant, while others are not very interested in sex. Many women feel that their sexual appetite fluctuates, depending perhaps on how they feel physically and emotionally.

Maybe you’re too tired, unwell or irritable to make love, especially during the first trimester. It is quite common to feel overwhelmed by the emotional and physical changes you are experiencing. But do not get discouraged. In the second trimester, usually, the sexual desire increases, once the nausea and the fatigue are stabilizing.

However, the desire decreases again, often in the third quarter, especially in the last two months before delivery. At this point you may already be very large, sore or tired to make love comfortably. You may not feel comfortable with the appearance of your body or you are worried about the delivery, which is already very close.

Explain to your partner how you feel and assure him that you still want him. It is crucial to maintain good communication and support each other as they go through all of these changes together.

And my partner, will you want me as much as before?

Most men find their women as attractive as ever when they are pregnant or even more, but not all. There are several reasons why sexual desire may decrease your partner for part of your pregnancy. For example, you may be nervous about the responsibility that lies ahead, and this anxiety can affect your sexual desire.

Probably the most common cause of decreased male desire during pregnancy is the fear that penetration may harm the baby. If your partner needs reassurance on this point, ask him to go with you to a prenatal visit so the doctor can talk about it.

The most important thing is to talk about your fears and anxieties, as well as your needs and desires. Good communication can lessen tension, help them relax and enjoy each other and find ways to create intimate moments, whether they include the sexual act or not.

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Is oral sex safe?

In general, oral sex is safe during pregnancy. What should be avoided is for your partner to blow air into your genital area. If air enters the vagina it could cause an embolism by air (a bubble of air that gets into your bloodstream). This happens very rarely, but it could endanger your life or that of your baby.

Nor is it certain that your partner make you oral if you have an outbreak of herpes in the mouth or feel that you will come out one. And during the third trimester, if your partner has ever had oral herpes, you should absolutely refrain from practicing oral sex, whether you have symptoms or you do not have them. (Find out if it is safe swallowing sperm during pregnancy).

If you are not sure whether or not your partner has the HIV virus (the virus that causes AIDS), you can use a dental barrier (it’s a piece of latex that is placed between your genitals and your partner’s mouth). There is evidence to suggest that one person may transmit HIV to another through small cuts or mouth sores.

How can I protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases?

If you run the risk of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease – that is, you do not have an exclusive and monogamous relationship with a person who does not have any infection – you should refrain from sexual intercourse or at least use condoms Of latex every time you have intercourse with penetration. If you or your partner can not use latex, another option would be male or female polyurethane condoms.

What are the most comfortable positions?

Maybe you will have to experiment a little with different positions to find the ones that are best for you. Finding a comfortable position becomes more difficult as your belly grows.

For example, the missionary position (with the man above) is more difficult as your pregnancy progresses and almost impossible towards the end of the pregnancy. (If you use this position after the first trimester, your partner should not rest on your abdomen with all of your . Put a pillow underneath so it is not flat on your back.)

Pregnancy gives some couples the opportunity to become creative and try new positions. Here are some of the most comfortable and some tricks to make love while you’re pregnant. Enjoy it!

  • You’re the boss. Get on your partner. In this way there will be no weight on your abdomen and you will be able to control the depth of the penetration.
  • To ride! Ask your partner to sit on a (sturdy) chair and sit on it. This position also does not put weight on the uterus.
  • Stand aside, with your partner behind you, like two spoons stuck together. The penetration thus is less deep, which is sometimes appreciated, since as the pregnancy progresses a very deep penetration can be uncomfortable.
  • If your partner puts you on top, you will have to do a lot of acrobatics when your belly is already big. But if they are half-sided, with you facing your partner, your weight will not fall full on your uterus. Put a pillow behind your back so you can stand and angle.
  • Get out of bed. If you lie on your back with your knees bent, and with your feet and fondillo resting on the edge of the bed, your tummy will not be an obstacle. Your partner can kneel on the edge of the bed or stand in front of you. (After the first trimester, put a pillow under one side so that it is not completely flat on your back.)
  • Stand on all fours, leaning on hands and knees. Your partner can kneel and penetrate from behind.
  • Do not worry, whoever follows her gets it. With a little creativity, you will surely find a way to continue enjoying sex.
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Is there any symptom that would require me to call my doctor?

It is normal to feel some cramping during sex, during orgasm, or just after, but if you can not go after a few minutes, or if you have pain or vaginal bleeding after making love, call your doctor.

Do not hesitate to talk to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns about sex, especially if you do not know for sure if you should abstain from having sex or if you are afraid that they will hurt your baby. If the doctor tells you that you can not have sex, ask her if she is referring only to avoiding penetration, or if you should avoid having an orgasm altogether.