Kangoo Jumps Training – Benefits and Experiences

Have you heard of the Kangoo Jumps Training? Kangoo is a 45 minute intensive cardio training that combines dance moves, running and jumping in the studio. They wear unusual , on the sole of which a kind of “feathers” is attached. The are also worn for the so-called Pogo in the park. What is special about this type of training and what benefits it entails, you will learn in the following.

Training – The Shoes

The jumpsuits called Kangoo Jumps are necessary for this type of training. A Swiss designer has developed this in the 1990s to rehabilitate injured athletes, but the fitness trainer is often named as the first to take this into view of the general public in 2008. They resemble inline skaters without rollers but are equipped with an unusual spring system. You can bounce, run and even dance. The sprung shoes are suitable for everyone from 6 to 80 years and come in a variety of models and color variations according to individual needs. For the average model, the price is around 200 euros. If you can not afford to buy your own pair,

Kangoo Jumps Training – Fitness Benefits

Kangoo Jumps provide effective persistence training while significantly reducing joint strain. Training with the is fun and helps with and muscle building. This bouncing movement compared to classic jogging is easier, but you are training more extensive muscle parts. With the you burn 25 percent more calories than with conventional shoes, which guarantees an efficient . The co-ordination ability as well as the physical performance is improved. With the Kangoo shoes you can train both inside and outside. They are suitable not only for jogging (by any terrain), but also for Nordic walking, and even practice in their own four walls.

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Considerations before purchasing the Kangoo shoes

If you want to buy your own Kangoo Jumps shoes, you must be willing to invest even money on spare parts. According to manufacturers, the shoes should last for several years, but it is recommended to replace the T-springs – the straps stretched between the two leaves of the spring – after 50 to 80 hours of use to reduce the rebound effect and break Of the dish-shaped platforms.

First steps and experiences

It will only take a few minutes before you can find the balance and get used to the strange feeling of gravity. For beginners it is advisable to first bounce on a flat, dry surface until they get accustomed to the 3 kilos of shoes. Once you recognize the joy of hopping you would never want to go back to Earth. According to the experience, jogging is downhill, which is really fun. You can easily jog down the mountain without any real effort. Others report that the shoes are really stable (expectations) and after 45 minutes of workout you feel as if you had participated in an extreme run or spent an hour in the sauna.


If you are looking for a great sport, where boredom is alien, then the Kangoo Jumps Training could give you the joy you expect from a workout.