Makeup Tips for Christmas – Perfect for Any Facial Shape

Are you one of those ladies who like to paint themselves and like to try new ideas? Then we have in this article some of the  for for you that will match the solid may be useful for the holidays. Because as you should know not only the outfit and the hairstyle should be chosen, but also the make-up must be right.

Care must be taken to ensure that the colors of the make-up to Christmas match those of your outfit, as the color of your hair and eye color, and the  shape. The latter plays an important role, because depending on whether your is round, square, oval or heart-shaped, certain areas have to be emphasized and others have to be underlined. Learn now so a few tips to help you in choosing the right makeup and when moving from the makeup tips for Christmas will help.

Makeup tips for Christmas for a round face

For the round face, with the upper and lower parts the same width, a make-up is suitable, which gives it sharper accents, because this gives the face more expressive strength. You can use a dark lipstick to add additional shine through a . However, you should only use a lipliner, or lipstick pin, in the area of the corners of the mouth, and it should only be slightly darker than the color of the lipstick. Emphasize your eyes. For this purpose, an eye make-up with a Smokey Eye effect is suitable for which you use dark colors such as purple, black or dark blue. You can also apply Rouge. For this, however, you should note that it should be applied with regard to the cheekbones with a slight inclination. In this way, your look is made of a make-up to Christmas  a balanced, sharp look.

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Celebrities that have a round face are, for example, Charlize Theron, selena gomez and Kirsten Dunst.

Makeup Tips for Christmas – With an the eyes emphasize

Ovale faces tend to look slimmer. Because the oval face, which is more elongated and has softer lines, is particularly prominent in the chin, it should be emphasized mainly in the upper region. For this, you can apply a dark eyeshadow that extends over the entire eyelid. Also to be recommended to apply a lot of mascara, but only on the upper lash line, otherwise the makeup tip for Christmas would most likely not turn out as expected, if you apply it on the lower lash line. So avoid the mascara. The lips, on the other hand, should be left as far as possible by their natural color, simply by applying a transparent lid or balsam. If your face is very oval, you can also apply plenty of rouge to emphasize the cheekbones.

A well-known beauty with an oval face is Megan Fox

Makeup Tips for Christmas – With a heart-shaped face the lips emphasize

In this facial shape, the upper region is wider than the lower region. For this reason, the lower section should be emphasized. If you do not wear makeup, the cheekbones are the most conspicuous part of this facial shape. Therefore it is not necessary to emphasize the cheekbones additionally, so avoid applying it Rouge. To the lower part of the makeup tips for Christmas to accentuate, you can go wrong with a lip liner and a strong color of lipstick nothing. Such a color is a bright red, which is also very current at the moment. As for the eyes, avoid the eyelid and choose pastel colors that are not so conspicuous. Such are, for example, a light pink, mint, light blue or color.

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Reese Witherspoon has a heart-shaped facial shape

A needs only light makeup tips for Christmas

The square face looks short in most cases and the cheekbones and the chin are particularly striking. The fact that it has strict lines and angular, should makeup tips for Christmas is selected such that these lines can appear softer. It is best to use soft natural nuances of the color Rosa. The face can have an oval shape by applying rouge in circular movements. Also in the lips you should consider some things. It is best to use a transparent lip gloss and if you want to use a lip liner, it should have a color that is hardly noticeable. Do not apply it over the entire length of the lips. The eyes are also natural. For mascara, for example, leave it with only one layer and only on the upper eyelash rim. Use for makeup tips for Christmas eyeshadow in a skin color and wear black eyeliner only on the inner side of the lower lid on.

Celebrities with a square face shape include Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Garner and Rachel McAdams.

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Important makeup tips for Christmas, if you make your own makeup:

If you prepare for the holidays and plan your outfit, you should also take the Christmas makeup includes. So if you have chosen the clothes think about the make-up and check it

– If you do not eye shadow or lipstick in the matching colors for the makeup to Christmas own, you should get this as soon as possible in a cosmetics business. If you want to dress up regularly at home, you will need it.

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– “Flying legs” can the overall look of your makeup to Christmas ruin. For this reason you should check beforehand whether your mascara is dried out. If this is the case, or if you are not sure, buy a new one immediately.

– The makeup tools should also be new. Since they often contain residues from previous makeup units, you can quickly in this way the makeup to Christmas ruin. This is especially true if you plan to apply light eyeshadows.

– An important makeup tips for Christmas for applying eye shadow: Apply first a primer on the eyelid. This can, for example, consist of make-up. After that, some powder should be added and then the eyeshadow itself. This prevents the eyelid from perspiring, which will ultimately keep the eyeshadow longer.