Makeup with Rhinestones for a Glittering Look

Are you looking for a nice, sparkling look for the next , carnival or just for a party night? Then you are in the right place! We provide ideas and tips for makeup with rhinestones. Whether you are looking for an extravagant look or just want to spice up the ordinary make-up, you will certainly get a glimpse of the party with some rhinestones.

Make-up with rhinestones – perfect complement to

The rhinestones have long been used as an imitation of diamonds. They are mostly used as a decoration or as decoration of clothes, shoes and make-up. This allows certain forms to be formed on the face or the eyelids to be decorated. They are an elegant addition to any carnival costume.

Instructions for elegant eye with rhinestones

Purple eyeshadows fit well to blue eyes. For decorating this eye make-up, are applied in three different sizes, artificial eyelashes and an eyelash glue. First, the eyes should be made up. Then apply small drops of the lash adhesive on the eyelid, where the rhinestones are to be glued. To position them, you can use a rhinestone picker or tweezers with sticky tip. After that, the stones are to be glued in a popular succession by changing large and small. When finished, you can spread some glitter and glue the artificial eyelashes for best results. So you get this elegant party look, which is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

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Red rhinestone for a heart queen look

If you have already chosen the right costume, it is time to look for a suitable make-up. With red rhinestones you can form an unfinished heart from the forehead to the cheekbones. Face with eyeshadow in red and black makeup, rouge and the look of the heart queen from Alice in the wonderland is finished.

Pink Sugar Skull Mask on

Another idea for Halloween makeup is the popular Sugar Skull, painted directly on the face and decorated with different types of rhinestones. The colors depend on the color palette you have chosen. In the illustrated case, the eyes are black, pink and silver-accented, while large brighter strass stones are glued to the forehead, the cheeks and the chin. With such a make-up you do not need special cladding – a simple black dress is enough.

Rhinestones for face and – a sparkling look

With rhinestones you become an eyecatcher, because they are particularly striking. Glitter on your hair, face, and clothing is the best way to attract attention. To make a look for yourself is very time-consuming, however, since each rhinestone is glued individually.

Brush on the for a nice photo shoot

This idea for make-up with rhinestones as a lipstick is only suitable for carnivals or photoshootings. It is certainly unpleasant to decorate the lips with small rhinestones, but the look is perfect for interesting photos.

Smoky eyes and rhinestones on the lower lid margin

If you want a make-up with rhinestones for the party evening, only a few rhinestones are enough. They should not be the accent of your make-up, but only an addition to it. A variation is to make Smokey Eyes, make mascara and glue a few rhinestones to the lower lid margin. A further idea for Smokey Eyes with sparkle can be found in the following video:

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Preparation for party evening – eye make-up with rhinestones

This further variant is for a makeup without eye shadow. Instead, the eyeliner is applied thicker and decorated with black rhinestones. Again a beautiful look, which only shows a reasonable brilliancy.

Nail polish with the eye make-up with rhinestones

For a perfect party look you can match the eye make-up with clothing and nail art. Luckily, rhinestones are available in all possible colors, which makes adjustment much easier.

Soft make-up with rhinestones

If you want to get the look of an ice queen for the carnival, you need an eyeshadow in gray or light blue, small rhinestones in similar colors and false eyelashes. This make-up is easy to make and needs only a little time.

Make up the facial make-up with Rhinestones for carnival

Strass is also suitable for spiking face make-up. It is considered to be the fine finish that completes the painted mask.

Summer look with light green eyeshadow and rhinestone

For a party or carnival in summer, light eyeshadow is preferable. Light blue, green and mint are matching colors for parties on the beach and perfect for a look as a waters edge. In addition, the make-up can be spiced up with rhinestones to get a luster.

Carnival mask with rhinestones and lace

The most beautiful carnival masks are a combination of several materials. As an example, we present the idea for a mask with glued tip, feathers and, of course, rhinestones. So you can even look at the Carnival with a narrow budget.

Eyeshadow with rhinestones

Makeup with rhinestones is a good idea for the New Year’s Eve party. Finish your outfit with some rhinestones for a charming look.

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Eye makeup with rhinestones

When you glue the rhinestones, be careful not to disturb the blinking of the eyes. The size of the stones is equally important – the larger they are, the more uncomfortable the feeling for your eyes will be.

Stick the colorful rhinestones on the cheeks

The rhinestones are an accent in every make-up. Therefore you should combine the colors correctly and not exaggerate.

Face make-up with rhinestones and black eyeliner pencil

This Halloween look is suitable for women who want to make a special impression. The geometric forms are made with a black eyeliner pencil and decorated with silvery rhinestones. The eyelids have an eyeshadow with glitter and feather eyelashes are stuck on. The makeup is finished with ombre lips and a white hairspray with feathers is used as a decoration for the hair.

Simple Halloween Makeup – spider net with rhinestones

Want to dress up for Halloween quickly and easily? Then this idea for a spider web decorated with rhinestones is perfect for you! You just need a pack of false eyelashes, a black eyeliner and some rhinestones. This is a good decision for those who do not have as much time for the Halloween preparation.

Idea for make-up with rhinestones and artificial eyelashes

Make-up with rhinestones is a creative way to create your own design. We hope that you have been inspired by our ideas and make make-up with strass for your next party look.