Meratrim: A Very Promising Weight Loss Supplement But Does It Really Serve?

If you have tried to lose for a long time, but you find it very difficult and also recover easily, you should know that you are not the only one with that problem. In fact, without proper guidance, this happens to most people and, in some cases, they raise more than they managed to lower.

Although magazines, commercials, and websites tell you otherwise, the reality is that , especially losing , is an arduous process that needs steadfastness and dedication.

The Paradise of Miracle Weight-Loss Supplements

Many are desperate and lose hope of finding a solution to losing weight. This situation has motivated the industry to create supplements to lose weight in innumerable presentations, that look for the definitive solution, for example:

  • Pills.
  • Bars.
  • Injections.
  • Capsules.
  • Patches.
  • Powdered.

Drinks, among many others.

The Last Trend of Supplements to Lose Weight: Meratrim

The latest trend is a natural supplement called Meratrim, which is a combination of two herbs that prevent fat storage.

It has been called an “innovative” supplement with “amazing” results to lose weight and body fat. An “informal research study” was also developed with 30 women under the following guidelines:

  • Participants consumed .
  • They all carried a 2000 calorie diet.
  • Participants took walks every day.
  • The duration of the “informal research study” was two weeks.

The results on average were as follows:

  • Loss of 1.4 kilograms.
  • The decrease of 7.6 inches of waist.

Apparently, these results were surprising and have been used to prove their effectiveness.

However, this was not a conducted by professionals and, therefore, does not prove anything, since there are many variables that must be taken into account.

Fortunately, you do not need the television or the infomercials, to obtain scientific evidence about the results in humans, since there is a scientific study to analyze if “” are a reality.

But before we talk about that real study, we will review some aspects of Meratrim.

What is Meratrim and How Does It Work in Your Body?

Meratrim was born because a group of researchers wanted to develop a new supplement that would be effective for weight loss and body fat. They selected a lot of herbal medicines and used them to see what their effect was on the metabolism of fat-storing cells (adipocytes). This was done in a laboratory with test tubes filled with adipocytes exposed to the herbs and tested one after another until they found the best combination.

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What is Meratrim made of?

The two herbs used by Meratrim in proportion 3 to 1, are:

  • Sphaerantus indicus – the flower of the plant.
  • Garcinia mangostana – the fruit of the plant.

Both herbs have been used for many years as part of natural medicine.

According to the researchers who designed Meratrim, the combination of these herbs had the following effects on adipocytes:

  • The multiplication of cells that store fat was more complicated.
  • The amount of fat the cells collected from the blood was lower.
  • He favored the use of stored fat as energy.

You should keep in mind that these studies were done in a laboratory with test tubes and your body is not a glass tube or a Petri dish. The effects of substances and drugs on living beings are radically different from those that occur in a single cell.

Your body contains different types of cells, tissues, and organs, all acting and reacting simultaneously to what surrounds you, such as:

  • Weather.
  • .
  • Mood.
  • Hormonal regulation.
  • State of health and nutrition, among others.

Although Meratrim contains two natural remedies, that does not mean that its effects are positive on your fat-storing cells.

No matter what the researchers say, your body is not a laboratory equipment in a controlled environment.

Does Meratrim Work as Well in Your Body as Everyone Says?

There is a scientific study that was carried out with 100 participants for 9 weeks and published by the Journal of Medicinal Food in 2013. The name of the study is “Efficacy and tolerability of an herbal formulation for weight management” (Efficacy and tolerability of a formulation Herbal weight control).

What were the specifications of the Meratrim Scientific Study?

The study was conducted under the gold standard in scientific experiments on humans:

  • Randomized.
  • Double-blind
  • With placebo control group.

All participants in the study were obese (23 men and 77 women) and were divided into two groups:

  1. First group: Supplemented with Meratrim.
  • 400 mg Meratrim 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
  • 800 mg of Meratrim in total daily, every day.
  1. Second group: They received placebo.
  • 400 mg placebo 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.
  • 800 mg total placebo per day, every day.

Participants in both groups carried a strict 2000 calorie diet and only 30 minutes of walking daily.

Weight and Waist Circumference

After 8 weeks, the Meratrim supplementation group lost much more weight and waist circumference than did the alone:

  1. Weight:
  • First group (Meatrim supplementation): 5.2 kg (11 lbs).
  • Second group (placebo): 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs).
  1. Waist Circumference:
  • First group (Meatrim supplementation): 11.9 cm (4.7 inches).
  • Second group (placebo): 6 cm (2.4 inches).

Decreased waist circumference is a very important part of the study results. This is because abdominal fat is the most harmful to your body and more fat in the abdomen, greater risk of suffering from different diseases.

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The results could be appreciated in only two weeks, where the group that was supplemented with Meratrim had already lost:

  • 8 kilograms (4 pounds).
  • 5 cm (2 inches).

At the end of the study, the group that was supplemented with Meratrim also managed to reduce hip circumference and a reduction in Body Mass Index.

Quality of life

Although losing weight and having a thinner appearance, is seen as a sign of good health, this does not mean that it improves your quality of life. This is why the researchers also included the measurement of:

  • Physical performance.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Stress in public places.
  • Job performance.

The results were very favorable for the group that received Meratrim supplementation in the areas of physical performance and self-esteem.

Health Markers: Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, and Glucose in Fasting.

Within this study, the following health markers were also monitored and these were the results:

  1. Total cholesterol
  • First group (Meatrim supplementation): Decrease of 28.3 mg / dL
  • Second group (placebo): Decrease of 11.5 mg / dL.
  1. Triglycerides
  • First group (Meatrim supplementation): Decrease of 68.1 mg / dL.
  • Second group (placebo): Decrease of 40.8 mg / dL.
  1. Glucose fasting
  • First group (supplementation with Meatrim): Decrease of 13.4 mg / dL.
  • Second group (placebo): Decrease of 7 mg / dL.

As you can see, all markers of health declined in both groups. However, in the group that was supplemented with Meatrim the decrease was greater.

A decrease in health markers indicates that your body has a lower risk of diseases such as:

  • Diabetes.
  • Heart disease.
  • Other non-infectious chronic-degenerative diseases.

In summary, the group that was supplemented with Meratrim lost:

  • 5 times more weight than the placebo group.
  • 2 times more waist than the placebo group.
  • He presented a greater decrease in the risk of suffering non-infectious chronic-degenerative diseases, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Is the Meratrim Study Performed Reliable?

It is a reality that the results of this study were shocking, but there is an important point to take into consideration:

  • The scientific study was funded by InterHealth, the company that produces and sells Meratrim supplements.

Although this does not mean that the study produced a fraudulent report or with the modified results, it is a point that you should not forget. Often, the laboratories that fund the studies can intervene in the final reports of the research.

Meratrim: Doses, Side Effects and Uses for You

There were no side effects or adverse reactions in the study that was performed on Meratrim supplementation. There have also been no out-of-study cases that have had side effects or adverse reactions. Apparently, Meratrim is a safe supplement and well tolerated by the human body.

It is possible that if you take more than the indicated dose, you increase the risk of any side effects. Therefore it is not advisable to consume more than 800 mg daily, divided into two doses of 400 mg.

If you want to give this supplement a try, you must have certain precautions:

  • Make sure the product is 100% Meratrim.
  • Read the label carefully and make sure the name is spelled correctly.
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It is a common commercial strategy, to find products with almost the same name, but with the difference of one or a few letters to confuse the buyer.

Be very cautious with the nutritional products you buy and, if in doubt, ask for more information from the manufacturer.

Should You Consider Consuming Meratrim as Part of Your Supplements?

Most people who want to lose weight or body fat, have already tried innumerable diets and methods to achieve it. Some have not had the expected results or have only worked for a while, but never with long-term results.

Is Meratrim the Ultimate Supplement for Weight Loss?

Meratrim appears to be a supplement with promising results, although more research is needed. The results of the only scientific study carried out were very positive with effects in:

  1. Weight.
  2. Body Mass Index.
  3. Waist and Hip Circumference.
  4. Health Markers:
  • Total cholesterol.
  • Triglycerides.
  • Glucose fasting.

But this study lasted 8 weeks and was funded by laboratories that produce and sell it. Eight weeks is not a long period and many factors in the short term can favor good results.

I know that you are looking for results that impact your daily life in the long term and, to be sure, you need a study of at least six months or a year.

How Can You Get Long-Term Changes In Your Body?

To achieve long-term changes in your body composition, you need to change your eating habits, as well as your lifestyle. Otherwise, no matter how many supplements you consume, the results will have no major impact.

If the only change you make is to consume Meratrim supplements, it is very likely that in the long run, you will not get the results you expect.

Now, if Meratrim supplements actually work, then it may serve as a tool to accelerate your weight loss and body fat in the short term, for example, if you have a major event where you want to look as thin as possible.

But to tell the truth, I am not convinced that Meratrim supplements are the definitive solution.

Long Term and Fund Changes Needed

A pill or any supplement will not give you long-term results. To get them you need to change in your day to day:

  • Eating habits.
  • The lifestyle.

Only time, and more scientific research will say whether Meratrim is what it promises or is only a supplement that will go out of style over time.

And you, have you tried Meratrim? Tell us your experience in the comments.