Modern Haircuts – Trends for Spring 2018

After the recent and most prominent fashion events these days, here we are to review the and for the spring of 2018. Before we go to see what the designers and the famous stylists have prepared for next year, we will discuss in general. In hairstyles we see the addiction to natural looks as in the previous seasons. However, there are some elements that give a new touch. Here we will try to summarize the of the most for spring-summer. At the same time easy to wear and provocative, the collections for the spring of 2018 of New York fashion week featured a line of modern hairstyles and makeup that spoke a lot about personality. Placing the individuality above the prescribed tendencies, on the catwalks we saw clothes and designs that flourished with more diversity than we could have expected. Thing that brought a lot of freshness and gave rise to both playful and practical trends, combining a comfort with a more open style in glamor.

taken from the 2017 fashion weeks

Extremely long hair is about to return

While are the ones worn by many women and they are modern this year. In one of the most important presentations in New York we saw the return of extreme length hair. For the presentation of Michael Kors, the model of the 90s Kirsty Hume showed us her and very long with the bangs separated in the center.

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But throughout the year we saw many of the famous people of the United States wear super long hair. An example is the singer Nicki Minaj, a team of Rapunzels on the beach, was not one of those left behind, ending the week with a cascade of endless blondes at Marc Jacobs.

Although we started with a photo of the hair gathered in a low tail with an epic black velvet ribbon that will continue to be fashionable for the fall / winter season. So elegant, relaxed and casual, while still involving a lot of style. You can always choose the low tail as it is easy to do and is perfect for girls who leave the hairstyle for the last hour.

However, spring will be different. Now to what we were going instead of the ribbons will come the hair collected in a bun. It seems that since childhood, the bow is always fashionable, right? The tail has its undisputed place but on the catwalk by Mansur Gavriel the were in tune with the attire of the models which created a harmony and a more adult look.

Modern haircuts and hairstyles that will be fashionable in the next season

On Tom Ford’s catwalk we saw some models with their hair pulled back to give the impression of very short haircuts. The hair was collected wrapped and twisted with the help of many hair clips to create the illusion of an original cut. This is a very original way to have short hair for a party without actually having to cut it.

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Be it subtle bows, deep middles or wild curls, the catwalks that show clothes and fashion accessories for the spring of 2018 also served to inspire us and see hair accessories to inspire your next haircuts or hairstyle.

The idea of a beautiful, sexy but natural woman inspired many stylists. The hair of the models were kept in romantic strands twisted back on themselves with the help of tweezers or tweezers for a shorter effect. The hair removed, from the face but left around the ears and the little messy, casual look is very sexy and will be fashionable. The main feature will be the texture and softness around the face.

Other stylists were inspired to create hairstyles with a bold attitude. This look you see in the next picture may seem masculine, but it is very peculiar. Short haircuts near the neckline highlighted with blue and green fringes in the same shades as the makeup to create that masculine look.

The hairstyle was inspired by the youthful idea of a woman, with her hair pulled back in a low tail. A group of models walked down the catwalk with shorter hair and a childish look, while another group wore soft pigtails.

Some models appeared with a touch of a look from the late sixties or early seventies. Fashion comes a little wet hair that stays away from the face, conveying the idea of a girl in motion.

But the messy hair style remains. We spent a lot of time striving to control the hair and get it in shape. The hair moistened and with a mousse that holds it back and undulate it a bit.

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For the next year, do not forget to use the curling iron to curl your hair a little, and let it look as if it’s wet, even though it’s not like that. If you want to achieve it in your day to day you just have to use the right products to keep the hair in place.

The fashion of the bohemian woman also returns, the hairstyle must reflect innocence. It is a very light hairstyle, easy but fresh and with a beautiful texture. The hair should be light and free to move, this can be achieved with a low but very romantic tail. The haircuts, afro and curly hair were kept natural, to show a personal style.

Now we leave you to review our photos again with the next trends in modern haircuts we saw from the catwalks. If you are dying to try something new we hope that our ideas will inspire you.

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