New Beauty Trends 2019: Long Eyelashes

Long eyelashes are officially the new Beauty trend! Having dense and expressive eyebrows were even hot and decorated, the attention of the young women is one centimeter below – on the eyelashes. Designers, stylists, bloggers and influencers are now focusing on it and everyone wants to have full, dense and eye-catching eyelashes. Applying several layers of mascara is not a secret, but if it really is enough? In addition to different types of eyelash extensions, there are also tips and tricks that can significantly improve the condition of real hairs. However, a wow effect is not always guaranteed. How can you get long eyelashes, what really works and what is actually dangerous for health, we reveal in the post.

Full eyebrows and long eyelashes

Full eyebrows like those of Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins have totally conquered the beauty world. They are still very much in demand, although now long eyelashes are in the foreground. Who is not blessed with such brows, had to achieve the effect of make-up or find a permanent solution. Through microblading or permanent make-up, the desired shape and density of the eyebrows can be achieved visually and the result also lasts longer compared to make-up. What other possibilities are there if you are not blessed with magnificent eyelashes?

Long eyelashes: What options are there?

What is true for the eyebrows, it is also for the eyelashes: The longer and fuller, the better. Here, the trend is for striking lashes in front. In the magazines and on the Internet, the models & Co. inspire with extremely long, voluminous eyelashes, which conjure a magnetic view. The effective look for a shoot, however, has nothing to do with reality and everyone must be aware of that. Stylists usually resort to false eyelashes and the photos are also edited with Photoshop. But it does not necessarily have to be artificial eyelashes. With the help of other methods and tools you can get the best out of your own little hairs.

Apply mascara properly for long eyelashes

The correct application of mascara can achieve a quick and beautiful result. Although the advertisements of new beauty products promise a wow effect, it’s much more about how the product is applied. Apart from the mascara is also recommended to use an eyelash curler. This can be the upper eyelashes bend and shape beautifully. Then apply mascara first at the top and then at the bottom so that the eyelashes are completely covered by the mascara. The movement when applying the mascara should be briefly introduced in one direction and then put the brush back into the shell. Then you have to let the product dry briefly and then apply a second coat. Finally, remove the excess mascara with a cotton swab.

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If the skin greases quickly, it may happen that the mascara runs or stains the skin. On the one hand you can use a waterproof mascara and on the other hand can be applied in the area under the eye primer or concealer. A little trick is to put some powder on the eyelashes between the first and second layer of mascara with a brush. In addition, you do not have to look down when applying the mascara, but always straightforward for a few seconds, until the mascara dries completely.

For optimal effect, you should also shower the smallest hairs. To make more volume, keep the brush horizontal. If the brush of the mascara tends to clump the hairs, you can use a toothbrush to remove the excess color and thus the eyelashes are better defined. When you have a new mascara and it opens for the first time, it often happens that too much paint sticks to the brush. The result is lumpy eyelashes. In such cases you can simply strip the surplus product from the brush on a piece of paper.

Although lumpy eyelashes are more of a disadvantage to many, they are also a current beauty trend that celebrates its comeback after the 60s. At that time, the trend has enforced the model Twiggy and therefore comes the name “Twiggy Lashes”. The look is also known as “fly legs”, “Spider Lashes” and “Clumpy Lashes” and has meanwhile a big impact on the beauty world.

Curved long eyelashes: eyelash lamination

For beautifully curved eyelashes provides an eyelash curler, which is used before applying the mascara. A permanent solution is a beautification method – the so-called eyelash lifting or laser lamination. The eyelashes are treated by special means and then bent perfectly with the help of a silicone pad. The gel gives the natural hairs shine and nourishes them, thereby preventing the failure and activates the eyelash growth. The eyelashes get a nice swing that lasts around six weeks. The effect is strengthened by a coloring.

Color long eyelashes

Coloring eyelashes is not about the daily application of mascara, but about a relatively permanent solution. Similar to dyeing hair, a colorant is used to darken bright eyelashes. However, no conventional hair color is suitable for this because it is too aggressive for the sensitive eye area. Here a suitable colorant is used, which one can buy from the specialized trade and color the eyelashes themselves. Even though the hairs are not blond, a visible effect and a fresh and alert look are conjured up.

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Maintain eyelashes: Tips and home remedies for long eyelashes

Full, long eyelashes are a dream of many women. However, not all are blessed with that, and instead of resorting to eyelash extensions right now, there are a few proven ways to nourish the fine hairs and make them grow denser and stronger. Applying mascara on a daily basis, and especially if you forget to wash your make-up off in the evenings, can cause many hairs to fail or sparsely grow and break off. Optimum care is also possible at home. What home remedies really beautify the eyelashes, we reveal here.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera Gel is rich in nutrients and vitamins and has a revitalizing effect. For the application is especially fresh Aloe Vera gel or possibly a ready-made variant from the pharmacy or drugstore. With a cotton swab or an old clean mascara brush, possibly a clean toothbrush, you can apply a small amount of the gel to the hair and moisten it well.

Coconut oil – Coconut oil or other skin-care oil, such as olive, almond or jojoba oil will provide the eyelashes nourishing nutrients. Coconut oil can be taken both externally and internally. Especially for the care of the sensitive eye area, it is best suited. In addition, it can be used for make-up removal.

Castor oil – To promote the growth of the eyelashes, the castor oil is particularly well suited. It is well known for its high content of fatty acids for hair and skin care. It stimulates the blood circulation, thereby the natural growth and cares at the same time. For direct application, equal quantities of castor oil and another oil or aloe vera are mixed and applied with a cotton ball or directly with the fingertips and massaged.

Vaseline – Vaseline is a low-cost agent that is widely used in the cosmetics industry. Often it is combined as a carrier with other drugs and thus the active substances are made easier to use. For a small amount of vaseline, add a few drops of lavender or rosemary oil, mix well and then apply gently on the eyelashes. A drop of is usually enough for half a teaspoon.

Generally it is recommended to take care of the eyelashes in the evening after the facial cleansing and ideally directly before sleep. In this way, the care product can move in over a longer period of time and will not be distracting. With regular use, you can achieve a visible effect after two to four weeks.

Revitalash: serum for long eyelashes

As number 1 among the serums for dense and long eyelashes, Revitalash has distinguished itself. The product comes from America and has been available on the German market for several years. It promises about 25% more than the original length of the eyelashes and the first visible results are noticeable after about 4 weeks. The eyelashes look fuller and denser and their condition has actually improved. The only downside is the high price.

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False eyelashes

False eyelashes are the ideal solution to make the look irresistible and to create a sensual eye-catcher for a party or a special occasion. Depending on that, artificial eyelashes can be applied naturally and discreetly or, on the other hand, they can be attached gloriously and then easily removed. They are glued to the eyelash edge with a water-soluble adhesive. They last a few hours and when they make-up disappears. Fake eyelashes are available in different designs: on the band or in the form of eyelash tufts, which are also available in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Long eyelashes permanently: eyelash extensions

A permanent solution for full and long eyelashes is extension by extensions. It works similar to the hair extension, but here are some artificial hair with a special adhesive directly incorporated on the approach of their own eyelashes. The procedure is painless and per eye about 100 eyelashes are glued, for a Doll-Eyes effect even more. For the eyelash extensions to last long, mascara and eyelash curler are taboo in the first 48 hours. In addition, you basically have to do without oily products. The first two days after the procedure it is impossible to wash eyes so that the glue of artificial eyelashes can completely dry up. After the first few days you can blow your eyelashes, but it is usually not a must. The eyelash extension lasts about three weeks, then some hairs fall out alone and on request they can be filled up again or get down with a special remover, all artificial eyelashes. If the materials (glue and hair) are high quality, you should not damage your own eyelashes. It is recommended to renew the extensions every three or four weeks.

Long eyelashes: the conclusion

Artificial eyelashes can look very natural and very aesthetic, but they do a lot of work and are not exactly cheap. The initial treatment costs between 200 and 400 euros, the filling up – from 90 euros and also about 1.5 hours per treatment. Maybe the time you invest in the daily mascara is the same or even more, but you can get the most out of your own hair through intensive and regular care and for significantly less money.

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