Removal of Crow’s Feet: Surgery, Botox and Dysport

What are crow’s feet? The crow’s feet are one of the first wrinkles that appear on the face of an adult. These are and are located on the sides of both eyes. They are wrinkles very fine and soft at first but with the passage of the years they become very deep and marked.

The crow’s feet are very noticeable when making gestures with the face, for example when laughing or when narrowing the eyes.

These wrinkles do not bring about health problems but cause aesthetic problems. The crow’s feet can be combated with various methods of surgery, natural methods and cosmetics, but you can also take a routine to avoid them (if you do not have them yet).

What are the causes of crow’s feet?


This is the main cause, it can not be avoided, but you can perform treatments to combat it and maintain a young face.


This factor is the second cause. Exposure for long periods under the sun resects the skin and reduces the collagen and elastin thereof, which causes and if they are marked are even more.

It is very important to avoid the sun, use sunscreen and moisturize the skin very well to prevent them. In case you have to expose yourself to the sun you must use glasses to protect the skin of the area.

Tobacco or exposure to smoke

The consumption of tobacco causes premature cock crows, because it reduces the levels of collagen and dry the skin, even more of the face. In addition, by flushing the smoke through the mouth, it may disturb the eyes and cause them to squeeze, which forms the folds of the crow’s feet (and the gesture also accentuates the bar code).

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It is important to leave the tobacco to avoid crow’s feet and not to accentuate them even more. In addition to the multiple benefits to our health is to stop consuming cigarettes.

Treatments to remove crow’s feet

The crow’s feet can be removed completely and temporarily with , can also be softened and avoided with cosmetic creams and natural recipes to be able to look a young face for , however after a few years these will become visible Yes or yes, since it is part of the natural aging.

Of the surgical treatments the most used are fill materials. The hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin (Botox) fail completely remove wrinkles from the area where the crow’s feet are placed. The application is a very fast process, only 30 minutes and after 72 hours you can show a face without wrinkles on the sides of the eyes.


Through chemical substances (chemical peeling) that are applied to the face, a deep exfoliation is achieved, then the layers of the skin are renewed and the soft wrinkles are totally eliminated or less noticeable.


This surgery is used for severe cases and in older people and with the most damaged skin. It is ideal for those who have very deep cock legs and in addition to being placed on the sides of the eyes are located in the eyelids and also there are bags and excess skin under the eyes. The blepharoplasty makes a full stretch in the area.

Creams with lifting effect

These return the collagen, the elastin and hydrate the skin softening the crow’s feet.

Natural medicine

Make a papaya puree and add a tablespoon of pineapple juice. Apply this cream around the area for 15 or 20 minutes then wipe it with warm water. The papaya will moisturize the skin and the pineapple will exfoliate it, these folds will be softened and less noticeable.

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You can also use vitamin E for wrinkles. These come in capsules, you just have to apply them directly on them.

UPDATE : Have you ever heard of Dysport? We will expand this article with more information on remedies to do away with crow’s feet.

The crow’s feet are one of the earliest manifestations of age and, despite what may be generally believed, it is something that both men and women worry about.

It is also true that in certain skins they are very difficult to treat with skin products, that is to say, by means of creams, reason why some people are put to an intervention of cosmetic surgery. And in this sense, the most helpful, in addition to the simplest, are injectables like the well-known Botox.

If you are already a Botox addict or have thought about undergoing an anti-wrinkle procedure using injectables to maintain a youthful appearance, it may be time to try Dysport, the last alternative to Botox .

Recently it has been proven that the Dysport obtains better results when eliminating the crow’s feet than the Botox. A study published by Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery compared the two injectables in a thirty-day trial and treated patients said that Dysport is much more effective in reducing the appearance of expression lines when smiling than Botox.

Dysport vs. Botox

Since Dysport was approved for cosmetic use in July 2009, it has gradually become a popular alternative to Botox due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, Dysport is actually cheaper than Botox medical treatments and many clinics and beauty centers offer very attractive packages that reduce the cost of Dysport even more. However, both injectables have the same types of side effects, including bruising, swelling and redness at the injection site, but these usually disappear within the first twenty-four hours after treatment.

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However, Dysport is a less powerful and effective version than the renowned Botox, so it may not be as profitable a long-term option , as more injections of Dysport than Botox will be needed to achieve the desired effects on our lines. expression. In addition, we must remember that these treatments require touch-ups in order to secure the results, so buying a package and paying full treatment with a closed price and unlimited sessions can help save some money. Botox usually lasts between six and twelve months without touching, while the Dysport lasts between three and six months.

The Dysport / Botox debate

The recent published study we mentioned above was the first of its kind to test both Dysport and Botox in patients during a thirty day comparison. The results of another study by the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Surgery (AAFPRS) concluded that Dysport has a “quantifiable advantage” over Botox Cosmetic for the treatment of crow’s feet.

If you are considering undergoing this type of therapy with Botox or other anti-wrinkle injections, such as Dysport, request a consultation at a medical center specialized in this area to talk to a medical professional about the pros and cons of treatment , in addition Of the prices and if you are a suitable candidate for the intervention. Many medical-aesthetic centers offer attractive packs of anti-wrinkle treatments for new patients.

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