Rhino-modeling: Rhinoplasty without Surgery (Non-Surgical Nose Job)

The Rhinoplasty is a surgery that can solve many related to your nose, but today, thanks to the multitude of advances and innovations that occur, you can achieve the effects of a rhinoplasty without surgery.

It is known as Rhinoplasty without surgery and is becoming very fashionable when it comes to small touches and not major aesthetic .

Almost everyone you ask if you would like to undergo any treatment or aesthetic intervention will answer in the affirmative and is that most people would change some of their physical appearances if possible. In a high percentage, the chosen part is the nose. Either because of its size, shape, deviation or the existence of hump, it is a fact that rhinoplasty is one of the interventions that most people want to undergo.

The rhino-modeling is another alternative, we have usually commented on open and closed rhinoplasty, two interventions that offer great possibilities with totally different techniques. In the rhino-modeling, the patient obtains great results and is a less aggressive technique, specially designed for certain cases.

What problems do you deal with rhino-modeling?

Many patients are informed about this technique, and they decide to go to the consultation of a professional to ask if their case, it is possible to treat it through a rhinoplasty without surgery, so, here we leave the main problems that we can correct with the rhino-modeling:

  • Remodel the tip of the nose, making it more aesthetic.
  • End the “witch” nose or profile so marked.
  • Improve the appearance of the easel.
  • Fill a back too deep.
  • Correct and match some small slope.

There are many problems that we can try, but the ends are merely aesthetic, for respiratory problems or more complicated cases, it is recommended to act through an because the surgeon will be able to treat the area more in depth.

What is a rhino-modeling?

The rhino-modeling is a technique that makes possible , without having to undergo complicated surgeries within the common rhinoplasty.

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As a rule, it is a quick process, in 30 minutes we can have solved our aesthetic problems in the area of ​​the nose, being a variable time depending on the case of each patient, since each person needs a specific time for his case depending on the severity Or the difficulties of this.

It is characterized in that in this intervention, the aesthetic aspect of our nose is modified through a filling, which can be permanent or temporary. Because of this, it is possible to recover the if, for example, we want to make the tip of the nose a little wider or fill a sink, but it is not possible to flatten the tip or make the wall finer because in these cases we must go To conventional rhinoplasty.

If we choose temporary fill, little by little the effects will disappear, its components are biocompatible and our body will gradually absorb them. If on the other hand, we settle for the permanent filling, the material chosen will be equally compatible, but in this case, our body does not absorb it and therefore its effects will be prolonged over time, making it last longer than with other options.

This technique allows a great personalization since the depend on the expertise of the surgeon with the filling, and of his way of interpreting our objectives. That is why we recommend looking for a specialized clinic with qualified professionals, thus avoiding possible surgeries postoperatively with results not desired.

Is there postoperative rhino-modeling?

Rhinoplasty without surgery does not require hospitalization, and as a rule, there are not too many complications after the procedure. While it is true that the patient should observe how his body is reacting to the material used.

The recovery is very bearable, the patient can live normal life practically from the exit of the clinic. While it is recommended to be careful at bedtime, trying to always keep your nose up. It is also recommended to take care the first days of sleeping upside down preventing our nose from leaning against the pillow or any surface

What is the price of rhinoplasty without surgery?

Another point in favor of rhino-modeling is that it is a more economical technique than a traditional rhinoplasty. Its price ranges from 800 € -1000 € depending on the area, the filling (permanent or temporary) and the clinic where we intervene.

In conclusion, we find a very recommendable technique and that can solve most of the problems that arise in the consultations of surgery. The possibility of a temporary or definitive filling can give us the option to “test” and evaluate the results.

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It is not recommended to undergo a rhino-modeling if it is subsequently intended to carry out any further intervention in the area because the filling materials could make it difficult to intervene and render the result not the desired one.

Is it worth the rhinoplasty without surgery?

With a resilient recovery, a price more than affordable, and spectacular results, without a doubt rhinoplasty without surgery is one of the most effective options, and that more satisfaction offers patients within the treatments or aesthetic interventions related to the nose.

From here we encourage you to go to a professional esthetic consultation, where they can advise you for your particular case. We must always look for professionals of trust, so that the results are as successful as possible, and avoid unnecessary complications or risks in such a delicate subject.

More info about the rhino-modeling

The nose is the feature that most highlights and protrudes from the face, at a glance you can appreciate its shape and size. These depend on genetics, but in some cases due to a strong blow it loses its shape and even modifies its size. The deformation is very noticeable and although it usually does not bring serious health problems causes terrible aesthetic problems, since when the nose is modified, the face looks very different, both profile and front.

However, there is a solution to correct the appearance of the nose and is Rhinoplasty (). This operation can correct defects and deformations that do not please its natural shape or consequences after a stroke, although not all people dare to undergo surgery because they fear suffering complications during the same or pain during recovery.

That’s why the professionals created a new technique called Rhino-modeling, which is very different from rhinoplasty but offer similar results.

What is the Rhino-modeling?

Rhino-modeling is a technique to modify the nose without having to undergo surgery, that is to say, that neither anesthesia nor a scalpel will be necessary. It also offers a simple process, immediate and permanent results, has a much simpler, faster and painless recovery.

In this technique, surgeons use resorbable substances, which are compatible with the body and do not produce rejection or allergies. These substances are injected into the area to be modified, on the fins, on the easel or tip, in this way you achieve a perfect nose and proportioned with the other factions.
What is the rhino-modeling process like?

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It is a technique that does not cause pain, however, the surgeon will apply local anesthesia through a cream or a spray on the nose to lessen the discomfort caused by the needle. Then inject the non-absorbable substances in the nose, using a very fine needle that does not cause pain, but some minimal discomfort and also leaves no scars.

The area of ​​the nose where you inject the substance will depend on what you want to correct and the effect that the patient wants to create.

How many sessions are needed? How long does each of them last?

Approximately 3 sessions are needed, and the correct number depends on the situation of each patient. The sessions are very simple and fast each of them lasts approximately 30 minutes.

You can perform them at any time of day, even before your work tasks and after finishing them continue with them, as it does not cause any discomfort that can affect them.
How long do the results last? How much time can be appreciated?

The results are excellent, permanent and immediate.

If you want to test how your new nose will look before you get these permanent results you can opt to inject resorbable products that last only a time, approximately 4 months, if you like the results more then you can opt for the nonabsorbable products, whose effects last more time.
How is the postoperative?

The patient must take the correct antibiotics and will not be able to perform sports, physical activity or work for 2 weeks. Adhesive tapes will be placed on the nose until the product is firmly attached to the nose.

Rinomodelacion can not reduce the size of the nose but will mold and correct defects so that it looks with a harmonious shape with the other factions.

In case you want to reduce the size of the nose you must perform a classic rhinoplasty.

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