Round Face Hairstyles – How to Stylize Your Hair Appropriately

Round? So what! We will show you which to make your round face shape narrower and slimmer.

When finding the right hairstyles, the facial contours are enormously important, so also with the round face hairstyles. The rounded forehead and chin parts make the face look more spacious. Hard lines and edges are completely missing here.

Best Round Face Hairstyles women

Typical features for a round face shape are a round hairline, a round chin, round, full and wide cheeks. Round faces usually have very soft and balanced contours. When a face is roughly balanced in width and length, it is very open and short.

We will show you which Round Face Hairstyles you can use to conceal your round face shape and which hair style you prefer to leave your finger on.

Round Face Hairstyles – Hair length

To conceal a round face optimally, it does not need much – already the appropriate hair length can contribute a lot to it. The hair should always be at least shoulder-length. Here the motto is: The longer, the better. Long hair stretch the face and

Leave a round face shape much narrower. Therefore if you refrain from extreme short haircuts , because they emphasize their face shape even more and make it look more rounded. If, however, you do not want to do without a short haircut, then you should have a casual, slightly frivolous bob with a side crest.

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Round Face Hairstyles – Hair cutting

Not only the hair length is crucial, but also a well-selected haircut is incredibly important with round faces. Avoid angular and straight cuts, these will draw attention to their “problem” zone and highlight it. A better alternative is a loose, fringed cut with light waves. Even a simple step cut makes the hair much more voluminous, which makes the face narrower. Be careful when cutting a pony! This should never be cut straight because it makes the face look even shorter and wider. An oblique pony, on the other hand, is perfect, which does not round the round face additionally. In addition, you should always wear a side crest because a center crest strengthens the abundance of the face because it makes the widest point the center point rather than distracting it.

Round Face Hairstyles – Hair styling

Even with hair styling, you can easily conceal a round face. Apply the hair best simply loose open. A few light waves are perfect as these give the round face hairstyles more lightness and momentum and the round cheeks also perfectly perfect. However, if the hair is hanging down smoothly and smoothly, the round face shape emphasizes only more, for the closer the hair is to the face, the more it bears. On the other hand, a downturned approach gives entirely new advantageous proportions. Volume on the upper head makes the face look optically and makes it look slimmer, so should always be repaired at the hairline. Also avoid a strict horse tail. Instead, tie the hair together to a loose horse tail, where you let a few individual strings hang out. These flatter the flat facial features. Even updos are a great way to hide a round face. A loose, high-pitched bun, also with a few hanging strands, makes the hairstyle more relaxed. Again, the protruding strands do not make the face seem so round. Also plug-on hair cutters in combination with hair bands are perfect for a round face, since the side parts are close to the head and thus stretch. It is important that the hair on the hairline is well-repaired.

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