Short Haircut Trends 2018: 12 Star Looks That Will Give You The Courage To Take The Plunge!

Yes, it is true that it is never easy to say goodbye to our sublime lengths. But once you adopt a short haircut, you will not go back! If you are thinking of opting for an ultra feminine short hair, know that you will not be the only ones to crack for this practical look! And it is on this occasion that Isbeautytips will introduce you to the stars who dared to change their style, without fear of making radical transformations.

woman: why is it a good idea?

Many are the Hollywood ladies who have traded the long hair for a more sophisticated style, and they were right! Besides the chic look that the short cut will invite on your heads, it will definitely give you the freshness you are looking for during the hot summer months! Not to mention the fact that the hair to the shoulders take less time to wash and to comb your hair. From the bob square smoothed with or without fringes, through a in to the “shaved head”, the variety of styles is immense!

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Short hair cut that will showcase our !

Today we take the stars for our models and in order to get off on the right foot, we have chosen to start our hairstyling show with actress Ruth Negga. Each of its exits on the red carpet leaves us speechless! Here, the actress has opted for a short hairstyle at once simple and refined, while revealing its natural curls! So it is no surprise that curly or is considered the most glamorous of all!

A trendy bob square super trend!

One of the Hollywood stars who dropped the strong and thick wick for a wavy square , was none other than Vanessa Hudgens! The actress-singer has been tempted by the “coiffé-décoiffé” aspect which is a real trend of the moment. This effect is not at all complicated to achieve! To make it a success, bring a spray of hair to the sea salt and wrap your lengths to the fingers until you get the desired result!

The will be on every head!

After the summer season, scissor your hair while succumbing to the charm of blunt bob! This year, it was widely seen on fashion tracks during the fashion week! Moreover, it should be noted that the square blunt bob is not at all easy to wear, especially in blue, but we have just seen that Katty Perry is doing very well with both!

Ultra short Pixie cut in platinum blond

It’s been a while since Michelle Williams created a sensation by making the decision to go from the long to the short! This short haircut has become inseparable from his image. So much so that the Pixie cut evokes us strongly the pretty face of the actress every time we think! It is a true flatterer for all women with fine and oval faces. The Pixie cut will showcase all your features! Even if you have a high forehead, you can always opt for the longer version while letting a few locks fall back over your eyebrows! This will surely have a feminizing effect on you!

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Capillary metamorphosis: short hair cut in blond platinum

Our favorite singer Taylor Swift recently cracked for a brand new hairstyle with this square with a slightly tapered long fringe. It’s a very rocky hair transformation that suits her perfectly! For some, the look of Taylor was the result of a wig, but in any case we loved this metamorphosis!

Hair cut short to the boy

Hair long, short, smooth, wavy, curly, colorful … we saw almost everything when it comes to Anne Hathaway. The actress who plays the main role in the adaptation of the novel “Les Misérables” has made several missteps on the red carpet in terms of hairstyle and makeup. Fortunately, it was not the case when shooting the film. At that time, she had to make a cut to the boy who proved a very good idea!

Short hair cut with a wet effect

Only Emma Watson knows how to give a fresh blow to her short haircut. By smoothing her back and behind her ears, she used a spray for a wet effect to structure and change her beautiful hair!

Short hair cut: Pixie cut décoiffée

Halle Berry is the biggest fan of the Pixie cut! Here, the actress has bet on the natural look with hair disheveled that allows to focus on her professional makeup.

Short hair cut at chin height for a square face

This is especially for ladies with a more pronounced jaw that needs to be softened with a short hair cut fitting well! For the goal, opt for the square at the height of the chin with hair disheveled and brought back on the forehead.

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Short hair cut: XS mane in peroxidized blond

Kristen Stewart proved to be one of the celebrities who dared to make radical changes. With her ultra short mane in blond peroxide, she certainly made the buzz through the capillary world.