Some Main Causes of Stretch Marks in the Breasts

are not at all attractive visually.  give the skin an unwanted , being of a color different from the natural color of the skin.

Having a is the desire of every woman, however, there are certain apparitions such as the dreaded stretch marks, which undoubtedly make their appearance at a certain stage of life. And its appearance can have several causes.

The streaks are irregular, discolored lines, and usually occur when there is a stretching of the skin, they may be reddish, thin, bright, thick, and can usually disappear on their own, over time, depending on the cause, and no products or treatments Can be followed to disguise them.

Here are the main causes of stretch marks in the breasts:

1. Increase and decrease of weight:

Undoubtedly, this is one of the main causes for the stretch marks on the breasts, since sometimes the lifestyle that is worn is not healthy, which causes you to gain weight, this has several repercussions, not Only the operation of the organism is altered but also the skin is usually altered, and is where the stretch marks appear, either in breasts, legs, arms, or another area, therefore, it is important that you maintain a , to avoid The increase and decrease of weight and thus avoid the formation of stretch marks.

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2. Genetics:

Certainly, this determines many things that at certain stages of life, since genetics contributes significantly to the appearance of stretch marks although there is no guarantee of whether this is related or not, the fact is that if grandmother, mother suffer from Probably this problem is inherited, and can develop.

3. Taking certain medications:

Another cause of stretch marks in the breasts is the use of certain drugs, such as steroids, corticosteroids, which are usually used to treat certain conditions in the skin, may be the cause for these marks, As they function as a cortisol hormone, they break down and alter the ’s production of collagen, thus affecting the skin, which is vulnerable to the appearance of stretch marks. In addition, it adds other factors like the increase of weight, because they make that these develop faster.

4. Pregnancy:

Normally, in this period, stretch marks may develop on the breasts, and in other parts such as the abdomen, this is due to the stretching of the skin. In addition, there are many hormonal changes that the body experiences. The size of the breasts increases, this is caused by the estrogen and progesterone hormones that occur during the period of pregnancy and that make the breasts become inflamed and increase in size. And while this girth may occur during the gestation months, there may also be more stretching during the nursing period. So it makes it prone to the breasts to suffer from stretch marks.

5. Use of cortisone creams:

The use of products with cortisone is another cause of the appearance of stretch marks in the breasts. Although these products are used to treat or combat skin conditions, it is important not to abuse them when using them, just as the doctor has indicated the treatment. Also, avoid using products that contain cortisone. Choose those that have natural ingredients. The use of corticosteroids may lead to Cushing’s Syndrome.

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6. Other causes of stretch marks in the breasts:

  • Bad hydration
  • Hormonal problems
  • Accelerated muscle development
  • Menopause

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

The best way to avoid stretch marks is to prevent them, and as in the case of genetics, it may not be possible to do much, however, there are many ways to avoid their appearance, here are some recommendations:

  • Take care of your weight, to avoid the appearance of stretch marks in the breasts, and in another area of ​​the body, it is very important that you avoid getting and losing weight because if this happens, the body is more vulnerable to developing them. So choose to follow a healthy lifestyle, where you include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, lean meat, whole grains, avoid high-fat foods.
  • Hydrate your body, drink water daily, at least two liters
  • Exercise to maintain a proper weight, and remember to follow a balanced diet.
  • Use proper , no doubt, choose well the body cream you use, check what ingredients it contains, and always choose to choose products that contain natural ingredients

How to Remove Stretch Marks

When stretch marks have appeared on the breasts or anywhere else in the body, it is thought that everything is lost, however, there are many options and especially natural alternatives, which you can use, to combat stretch marks.

  • Use fresh milk and apply on stretch marks
  • Moisturizes and nourishes your skin, you can use olive oil, almonds, capsules of Vitamin E, aloe vera gel, among other products, that using them on a regular basis, the stretch marks may disappear
  • Other options are microdermabrasion and peeling, that can serve, however, before you should consult with a specialist about whether this option is appropriate to be able to treat stretch marks in the breasts. Ask and clarify doubts.
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Without a doubt, the appearance of stretch marks in the breasts, is one of the affections that suffer more, almost the majority of the women and including men can develop these marks, that in itself they are scars, that appear due to the breaking of the fibers of elastin, collagen, reticulin, and although they are not painful. Certainly, they are very anti-aesthetic. Therefore it is recommended to follow certain precautions to avoid their appearance, since generally, the main cause of the appearance of stretch marks in the breasts and in another zone is by the weight, to rise and to lower frequently, not only damage our organism of the internal way, but also reflected in the skin. So, choose to follow a healthy lifestyle, to be good inside and out.