Some Useful Tips on How to Get Rid of Wide Feet

How to Get Rid of – We can not live always obsessed with perfection. Having the perfect measures and seeking to alter those that we have with painful surgical procedures requires time and money. And many times we ignore that just by using some tricks we can hide them.

I recently read that some doctors offer liposuction in the ankles and feet to thin them. You do not need to go that far if you want them to look a little thinner. The truth is that many people have this problem (either because they were born with it or because pregnancy, overweight or some disease causes them to swell) and accentuate it with incorrect choices.

The point is that if all this roll of impossible perfection evaporates when you wear striped sandals, this post is for you. But before you start: if you notice a very pronounced swelling or pain, see the doctor. Let̵;s start with the tips how to shrink wide feet!

How to Get Rid of Wide Feet Naturally


  • Leggings: after the pants seem to be the most obvious choice, but do wonders for the legs and wide ankles. Just remember that they are not equivalent to the pants, so you can wear them with a tunic, short dress or blouse and accompany him with some booties.
  • Booties: Another solution that seems obvious, but these need some rules to ensure a good result. First, they should not have any detail in the ankle (I know that the loops, folds and buttons are very popular but they emphasize what is sought to disguise). Second, it is ideal to cover the ankle bone. And third, it is better a slightly more feminine style, to refine your look .
  • Knee Boots: A option in rainy and cold weather. Avoid having ankle trim because you will accentuate the part you want to disguise (and you do not need to wear it with a very high heel). And get away from the models with gathers because they shorten the legs in a terrible way.
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  • Nude shoes: or the tone of your . They are a trend and will work wonders if you have wide feet and short legs.
  • Shoes with bare bow: In the United States they are called D’Orsay , it is a style most suitable for wide feet, because they create great continuity in the area. And they are sexy.
  • Triangular Tips: The best friends of the . However, it looks for you to adjust the foot and not compress it, because that can cause you problems like hammer fingers and permanent discomfort.
  • Heels with ankle lock: You will think it is a contradiction but usually the strap is thin, which attracts little attention to the area. They are perfect for maintaining the illusion of a thin line. Make sure the lock is comfortable.
  • Peep toes: They are cute and lengthen the shape of the foot, attracting attention to the fingers and not the width.
  • Wedges: Wedge shoes are a good alternative for those who do not put up with high heels because they lengthen the shape of the foot in a discreet way. Just remember that you should not have ankle buckles and that you should take care of the proportion (you do not need to wear very high ones because you will appear to be carrying stilts) to walk with them. The image shoe meets all the requirements and you could use it for hours.
  • Thick heels: They are becoming more popular because they are more comfortable, offer greater support and create balance in problem areas. Try not to exceed 12 centimeters for reasons of comfort and proportion.
  • A simple pedicure: Nails in a discreet color and slightly elongated will also contribute to the aesthetics of your feet.
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How to make your feet narrow

The foot has approximately 26 bones and these, along with the inheritance, determine its width and length. The bones are connected by small muscles and ligaments that hold them together and contribute to the strength and flexibility of the foot. Because the bones are rigid, it is not possible to make your foot narrower without permanently changing its structure, which can damage the foot. However, changes affecting the ligaments, muscles and tissues surrounding the foot can affect its width.


  • Lose weight. Your foot naturally expands its length and width to accommodate the weight of your body. When you lose weight, your foot will not enlarge so much, making them narrow when you stand up. Keep in mind that any reduction of width depends on the natural structure of the bones.
  • Uses bow supports. As you stand, your bow scatters your weight throughout your foot. Weaker arches flatten and cause the foot to expand in both length and width. Arch supports maintain the shape of the arch and prevent your foot from expanding too much.
  • Raise your feet if the width of your foot is due to the inflammation of the tissues. The foot becomes inflamed naturally during the day and the inflamed tissues around the bones can make the foot wider. Lie down or sit with your feet elevated above your heart to reduce fluids. The size of the inflammation and the natural bone structure will determine the reduction.
  • Check with a podiatrist to tell you about bow strengthening or other options to carefully prevent bones from expanding.
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Tips & Warnings

  • Consult a doctor if you have severe and persistent inflammation of the foot and lower extremities. It can be a sign of another condition.
  • Do not try to bandage your foot or wear narrow footwear. The foot has to support the weight of your whole body. Preventing the foot from performing its function naturally can damage it, disrupt your walking, and hurt other structures, such as your ankles, knees, and hips.

Which of these suggestions did you like the most?

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