Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions for a Magical Look

To get a more attractive and magical look, many ladies resort to . The disadvantage is that they can damage the real and cause them to fail more quickly. But there is now a new, harmless variant of artificial  from silk, offering the beauticians.

So if you are looking for the perfect eyelashes right after getting up and without mascara, these types of Eyelash Extensions are best for you. They not only lengthen your own eyelashes, but also give you even more volume.

Synthetic – Do these damage your own?

They are lashes of silk that do not interfere with the natural growth of your eyelashes. These are glued individually with hypoallergenic glue to your own eyelashes, hold 30 to 90 days and do not damage your own eyelashes in any way. They also do not contain any other substances that could damage your eyelashes or hair roots. Since the real eyelashes have a life span of 30 to 60 days, it is normal, if they fail from time to time. The fall of the artificial eyelashes therefore depends on the life of your own eyelashes.

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Synthetic silk eyelash extensions – which age group most often refers to it?

More and more ladies are fond of this kind of artificial lashes made of silk. Most customers are aged between 20 and 35 years. But also teenagers and ladies between 45 and 50 years are more and more frequent. The reason for this is that the effect is immediately recognizable. It increases the self-confidence and conjures up with every customer immediately a smile in the face.

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Attaching the lashes of silk and proper care

So that the artificial eyelashes of silk can last as long as possible, it is important that they are properly attached and you maintain them properly. The installation usually takes about an hour. Also, you should visit your beautician approximately once a month, so every three to five weeks to check and renew. Ideally, this should always happen after 20 days. However, this depends largely on each person, ie on the life of the eyelashes, as well as on the extent to which the care has been observed. This session to renew the eyelashes of silk does not take quite that much time. There you are usually finished after 45 minutes. The reason for the frequent re-visit of the beautician is that the natural life of the eyelashes is not long and accordingly the Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions together with the real fall off. In order to avoid any conspicuous gaps, you should also choose a suitable length.

For the best effect, avoid contact with water in the first 24 hours

For the care of artificial eyelashes made of silk, you should avoid the first 24 hours of contact with eyelashes with water. This is to allow the adhesive to dry well. Although it is not said that the eyelashes otherwise fall off. But keep this tip. After this period of time you can do everything you would do with your own eyelashes. So you can wash your face as usual and dive is no problem.

Which forms are there and which are preferred?

As eyelashes close the eyes so to speak, curved Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions are preferred, which are selected a bit longer. Otherwise there are several variants. There are different lengths offered and also the thickness of the individual hair, respectively, lashes of silk vary. To make the look as natural as possible, it is important that they are not chosen too long. The choice should also consider factors such as the workplace. To be sure, each customer should therefore be advised beforehand by the beautician. Finally, you want the synthetic silk eyelash extensions in shape and length to fit you too.

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Is it possible to combine the synthetic silk eyelash extensions with makeup such as mascara, kajal and eyeshadow?

It is usually unnecessary to apply a mascara, because the artificial eyelashes made of silk already provide for this effect. If you still use it, you should know remove it at the end. For that, no cotton pad can be used as usual. Instead, you should clean the eyes under running water until you remove the mascara. You can also use an eye make-up remover in the form of cleansing foam. However, if you use another product, it must not contain alcohol or be oily.

You can also apply kajal and eyeshadow despite the eyelashes of silk without problems and as usual. But removal is also important. You can use a cotton pad for this, but do not rub the eyelashes with it. Clean only the area above the eyelashes, the eyelid. The reason for this is that usually fibers stick to the eyelashes and when trying to remove them, it can happen that you tear or turn the eyelashes.

Should a longer break be made between the procedures after a certain time?

A break is not necessary. Finally, these lashes of silk, as said, do not damage the natural eyelashes in any way and do not lead to eyelash failure. You should, on the contrary, always visit your beautician at regular intervals.

How do you proceed if you want to cancel the procedure?

If you do not want to renew the synthetic silk eyelash extensions, you have two options to choose from. You can apply a special product for removal, and visit the beautician that you originally put the eyelashes on. But even at home, you can remove the lashes of silk. To do this, use only mineral water and a cotton pad that you dip into the water. Gently rub your eyelashes. This is best done in front of the mirror. If the cotton pad is used up, take a new one and so on.

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Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions