The Benefits of Masturbation for Your Body and Mind

Today masturbation is still a , but we must be aware that it has many benefits for our health, both physically and psychologically

Masturbation has been a taboo subject for a long time and it could be said even today. It is considered a dirty practice and that if you do it in a couple, it is because you have problems in your relationship.

There was even a time when it was said that if masturbation was practiced the individual in question would be blind. Words put in the mouth, probably, of repressed people. What surely have never been raised by people who have said that masturbation was not good, is that pleasure is always associated with happiness. Moreover, masturbating is positive to know your body and then enjoy more with your partner. Or is that also frowned upon?

Today we will discover the to remove each and every one of its myths.

The Benefits of Masturbation for Your Body

Masturbation has clearly with which our body benefits.

When the woman says that she has a headache, so she does not want to and does not want to have sex, she probably did not know that this was an excuse. But why an excuse? Because there is no better natural painkiller than maintaining a , reaching orgasm and releasing the tension of the body.

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Therefore, masturbating in a situation of a headache or menstrual pain can be very comfortable, pleasant and effective. In addition, giving pleasure allows you to keep your genitals in a healthy state. When you find yourself excited lubricate and this is positive for them.

Want to know a curiosity? Several studies have found that masturbation can have positive effects on the immune system, thus helping to prevent infections. After this, who would think that masturbation is a bad thing? With the entire positive you can offer your body…

The Benefits of Masturbation for Your Mind

Having discovered the physical benefits of masturbation, we must now focus on the psychological ones. Many are women and men who, when they have trouble falling asleep, masturbate. It is a good way to achieve an instant dream since orgasm relaxes your body and helps you release all the tension that may be preventing you from resting.

Some people find that when they are under pressure or under severe stress, their body asks for this type of release. Denying it is nonsense, since, afterward, you can focus on what you have to do, but in a much quieter way. But, in addition, masturbation makes you much happier. It frees you of tensions and helps you to feel comfortable with yourself.

Masturbation helps you to know what you like

As we mentioned at the beginning, masturbation helps you to know your body, to know what you like and what do not. Above all, it is very important for women since many find it difficult to achieve orgasm.

Maybe because they do not know how their body works, what they demand, where is the exact point that will make them explode with pleasure. If you do not know your body, you can not pretend that someone else gives you pleasure. First, you should know what you like, what not and know your genitals. Only in this way can you maintain satisfactory relationships with your partners. Of course, never be ashamed to express what you really like.

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Many people enjoy masturbating, but not sex. This is because they do not know how to express what they really want and like. We must put aside the preconceived notion that talking about sex is something that should embarrass us, as it is totally natural!

There is nothing dirty in it, there are only advantages that many people are lost by myths and sayings that are not real. It is the moment to see with other eyes the masturbation. Will you stop perceiving it as something dirty or bad?