The Best Beauty Tips for Women

To look beautiful is not necessary to invest our money in salons or beauty centers where we undergo a lot of treatments. At home, there is much we can do to keep our , our hair and our  healthy to give the best impression wherever we go. It is true that beauty products are a help to look radiant and spectacular at all times. However, there are some home cares and treatments that can help us make a difference to look beautiful every day.

It is enough to practice 30 minutes of exercise daily to maintain the health of the skin, to eliminate toxins and to favor its correct oxygenation.

Standing right with confidence and believing in yourself are important aspects for you to feel good about yourself. After all, radiate security radiate beauty. However, every woman standing in front of a mirror can say those beauty secrets also count. Take note.

To be beautiful you do not need the most expensive, the most complicated, nor the most painful. Experts argue that most of us should only pay attention to a few basic beauty tips for women that can help you look and feel good without spending a lot of time or money.

Tip # 1: Never Underestimate the Power of Moisturizers

It does not matter if your skin is dry, normal, or oily. You do not have to invest in many creams, with a single product that is good you can have a dreamy skin. (If this month did not reach you for that moisturizer, look for our article this week on ‘natural face masks’… honey and oats are very moisturizing.) Sometimes all you need is a good moisturizer and a mild cleanser Take years off your face, “says Rhoda Narins, MD, a professor at New York University and president of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. ‘When the skin is dry, every wrinkle is accentuated, making you look older.’

If you’re in your 20s or 30s, doctors say, moisturizers will give you the protection you need to prevent premature aging, says Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon Darrick Antell, MD.

But then, what is a ‘good’ moisturizer for you? Dermatologist Carlos E. III, MD, says: “It is a product that adds moisture and seals the one it has achieved, allowing the skin to produce more moisture.” What you need is to see which cream you should choose according to the individual needs of your skin.

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If the skin goes from normal to dry, look for moisturizing creams containing alpha hydroxides. They help the skin produce more moisture by itself, says Crutchfield, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.

If the skin is very dry, we suggest products that use a technology called a vesicular emulsion. “This technology uses microscopic spheres that make up layers that alternate moisture and water for a continuous moisturizing,” Crutchfield says. “If the skin is greasy, look for a soft, light moisturizer.” Fat is not moisture, so you have too much of fat you still need to moisturize. ”

Tip # 2: Sunscreen is the Best Anti-Aging Product

Before we see a plastic surgeon, before spending half the salary on anti-aging creams, wear sunscreen. Reduces the risk of skin cancer, but do you also know that it is an amazing beauty secret that helps to maintain a youthful skin? People who are exposed to much in the sun-wrinkled long before their time. Without the protection of the sunscreen, If you expose your skin (even if only for a couple of minutes) every day in the sun (and not necessarily on a sunny day, as UV rays penetrate those gray clouds), in a short time you will see noticeable changes in the skin, American Academy of Dermatology.

‘Not only will there appear more wrinkles and lines, but also spots and veins’. The skin becomes rough and loose, all thanks to the sun. Crutchfield advises choosing a sunscreen with SPF 15 or more. Apply every hour or two, and wear regular sunscreen before putting on make-up.

Tip # 3: Choose your cleanser wisely

If what you use daily to clean your face are soap and water, you can go back and reconsider your cleaning strategy. Dermatologists say that one of the best beauty is to use a mild cleanser and use it sparingly.

Washing your face too often – more than twice a day – can cause you to damage the natural lipid barrier, which is the protective mantle that keeps your skin lubricated to look and feel healthy.

‘Once the protection is lost and the barrier of impermeability is interrupted, the skin becomes dry’. This, in addition to making you look old, can cause itching, burning and stinging, says Crutchfield. Wash your skin no more than twice a day and choose your cleanser wisely.

Tip # 4: Use the right tools for the right job

You can have eye shadows Dior brand, Chanel base, Clarins suntan and Yves Saint Laurent eyeliner. However, if you do not have the right application tools, the benefits of these products will be lost.

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Brushes and brushes should be gentle, but also have substances so that the products can be distributed along the surface of your skin. If you wet a brush in the shade or blush and the color falls before it reaches your face, this is a bad brush, experts say. If you are going to invest in good products, choose good tools. You only have to do it once.

Tip # 5: Hair treatment and make-up every 2 years

If you get to your alumni meeting and your friends tell you that you look like a picture, run, run, run to the nearest beauty salon. “Ideally, your image, including hair and make-up, should be renewed at least every two years,” says Beverly Hills expert Nick Chavez. Keep a modern look, Chavez says, because you’ll look younger. If it’s been a long time since you’ve had a change, take advantage and go to your hairdresser and beauty shop and do not be afraid to ask for help. This month, do not buy those boots that you want so much, invest in you. Remember, it is once every two years.

10 Skin for Women

Our skin requires constant care and treatments to look healthy, radiant and young. Beauty products help us provide the necessary properties to regenerate frequently, but it is also important to give other special care.

  • Washing your face with honey: Instead of using soaps or chemicals to wash the skin, a good option is to apply a good amount of honey all over the face and then remove it with warm water.
  • Use cold water: The use of hot water can cause sagging and dry skin. On the contrary, cold water helps to tone, close the pores and conserve the natural oils of the skin.
  • Use a soft towel: When you finish rinsing, dry with a soft pat and a soft towel.
  • Apply vegetable oils:  The oils moisturize, clean and smooth the skin naturally. Among the recommended are coconut, almonds, olive, rosehip, etc.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption: The consumption of this type of drinks causes dehydration and, therefore, dryness in the skin and premature aging.
  • Drinking natural juices:  Fruit and vegetable juices bring vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to the skin that stimulate their regeneration and protect it from external damage.
  • Exercise:  This good habit helps to improve the health of the skin and contributes to a correct oxygenation of the cells. Only 30 minutes of exercise a day can have a very positive impact on your complexion.
  • Exfoliate the skin:  This step helps to eliminate the dead cells that accumulate causing spots and other alterations in the skin. Simply mix a little oatmeal with honey and apply it with gentle massages all over your face.
  • Toning:  The use of tonic is a fundamental step in every beauty routine to take care of the skin. This product helps to freshen, close the pores, remove excess fat and preserve the elasticity of the skin.
  • Disinflammation:  The skin around the eyes tends to become inflamed frequently and look tired due to . Put some cucumber slices in the refrigerator and then apply them over the eyelids.
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5 Hair

Hair needs to hydrate frequently and receive the proper nutrients to keep it strong, shiny and healthy. The following tips are part of the ideal routine for beautiful, long and healthy hair.

  • Hydration:  It is very important to guarantee hydration to the hair by consuming water and applying moisturizing products such as essential oils. It is recommended to use coconut, rosemary and olive oil.
  • Conditioner: This product gives the hair an incredible shine, besides facilitating its hairstyle to avoid damages when brushing. A good choice is to crush half avocado ripe and mix it with a spoonful of coconut oil. It is applied throughout the hair, allowed to act 10 minutes and rinsed.
  • Avoid sun exposure:  Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause dryness, sagging, and other hair problems.
  • Avoiding chemicals: The use of dyes, gels and some of chemical shampoos has side effects on your hair that can be reflected in problems of dryness, fall, fragility or open ends, among others.
  • Use apple cider vinegar: Dilute apple cider vinegar evenly with water serves as a treatment to prevent dandruff, remove excess fat, stimulate hair growth and condition.

5 Nail Beauty Tips for Women

Looking nails healthy and beautiful gives a good impression and is an important part of our beauty.

  • Manicure:  It should be done at least once a week to thoroughly clean the nails and remove dead cells.
  • Hydration: Apply daily a moisturizer for hands is a way to keep nails moist and healthy.
  • Olive Oil:  When the nails are brittle and tend to break, a good remedy is to dip them in a cup of olive oil.
  • Garlic:  This ingredient helps to strengthen the nails to prevent them from breaking or suffering from cracking. Apply garlic directly on the nails or mix it with an enamel for a better treatment.
  • Decoration:  For nails to look with a unique and fashionable style, nothing better than paint them and add some detail.