The Best Beauty Tips to Have Bigger Eyes

One of the most common advices for makeup is to bring out only one part of our face. If you want to draw attention to your eyes, do not too much highlight your lips.

Tiredness, dark circles on the face, but also wrinkles are the worst enemies of an eye catching. If you have small eyes, it can be difficult to have a pleasant and uniform appearance on a daily basis. What can you do? There are makeup tips and natural remedies with which you can enjoy larger, more .

We will also teach you to take care of this part of the face so that you can benefit from a better physical appearance. Are you ready?

Home remedies for

The below the eyes is very fine and very sensitive. When we sleep badly, we are tired or have health problems; this part of our body accumulates water, toxins and fats. It is very disturbing to get up in the morning and see big rings under our eyes, which are difficult to conceal.

Many women resort to makeup, but, is it a good idea? It is certainly a good temporary recourse, but not a solution. It is always more effective to resort to home remedies, and then use a corrector to fine-tune the appearance of the eyes. In this way, you can avoid excessive accumulations of makeup, which are unsightly. In this article, we will teach you how to proceed.

1. Cold spoon remedy and chamomile treatment

  • When you get up and notice in the mirror, that you have , take two teaspoons and put them in the freezer.
  • Then, prepare an infusion of chamomile with 150 ml of water and 2 sachets of infusion of chamomile. When everything comes to a boil, turn off the heat and let it sit.
  • Once the 15 minutes have passed, remove the spoons from the freezer and put them on your dark circles for at least 30 seconds.
  • Then, remove them and apply on your dark circles cotton soaked with chamomile infusion that you have made.
  • It is very simple: it is enough to alternate the application of the cold spoon with the treatment with chamomile. This hot-cold remedy will allow you to reactivate blood circulation in your dark circles, and will help you reduce inflammation very effectively.
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2. Delineate your eyebrows

  • To have more open eyes, you need to adopt a suitable eyebrow shape, because they are the ones that delimit your look, and give you a more elegant appearance.
  • As you already know, dense eyebrows are fashionable, but that does not mean you should not care for it.
  • You must trim them, leaving a certain thickness in the initial part, at the level of the nose, then refine them a little. Brush them up, and delineate them well with a brown pencil.
  • You will see that it will give you fantastic results!

3. The Importance of Eye Shadow

  • Look at the picture above. The make-up is made from 3 different tones to allow the eyes to look bigger.
  • The secret of this superb effect is to use lighter tones in the area below your eyebrows. A flesh color offers very good results, giving more amplitude to your eyes.
  • Then, you can use a slightly darker tone in the outer corner of the eye, to achieve a beautiful effect, as you see in the photo.
  • In the eyelid area, opt for a clear but brilliant eye shadow. It will bring light to your eyes.

4. for the inner part of your eye

  • Never forget this advice. Use a white pencil to draw the inner line of your eyes, this is the best tip possible to enjoy a larger and more open look, as this finish will make your eyes more eye-catching.
  • Let the white pencil never miss your makeup kit again!

5. Thicken your eyelashes

Larger and thicker eyelashes can also help you have bigger eyes. How can this be achieved? Thanks to a suitable make-up and a few tricks.

Take note:

  • The treatment with castor oil
  1. Every evening, apply this very simple home remedy based castor oil. Take a cotton cloth, and soak it with two drops of castor oil. Then use it to moisten your eyelashes, performing a small massage.
  2. If you wish, you can combine castor oil with olive oil or almond oil, which will give you excellent results.
  3. These oils will allow you to promote the growth of your eyelashes, and to take care of them daily.
  • Make-up tricks for thicker lashes
  1. Mascara is essential to have bigger eyes. Always apply it from the bottom upwards, starting with the root of your eyelashes, and being careful to separate them.
  2. Once you have applied this small layer, spray  a little talc,  being very careful.
  3. This tip will allow you to have more vigorous, more beautiful and denser eyelashes. Then apply a new coat of mascara.
  4. Eyeliner is the next step. Always try to opt for a liquid eyeliner and not a stiff black pencil.
  5. When using it, draw a thick line on the bottom of your eyelid, and finish with a thinner line that widens a little at the outer end of your eyes.
  6. You will see that these tips will give excellent results.
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6. Discreet lips that enhance your eyes

To conclude, remember that for your eyes to attract attention, it is necessary that the lip makeup is discreet. For example, choose a very light, pink or fleshy tone. This will allow your eyes to look bigger and in this way, attention will focus on your gaze.

How to have ?

All women wish to have the look that the fatal women of the films of the fifties wear. However, having beautiful eyes is not limited to being well made up since the beauty of the eye first passes by good health.

Thus, the ten tips for having beautiful eyes that will be offered here are not only aesthetic but also playful. 10 Tips offers you 10 tricks to have nice eyes. Good reading!

The 10 tips to have beautiful eyes:

  1. Finish the puffiness and dark circles under the eyes!

First of all, you should know that even the best make-up eyes will not be at the pinnacle of their beauty if pockets or dark circles come to lodge under their eyelids. Start by removing the puffiness and dark circles. To do this, you can opt either for a home stuff or a cosmetic product bought in store.

  1. Fresh slices of cucumber of beautiful eyes

The simplest way to have beautiful eyes and to make the pockets and dark circles disappear is to apply fresh cucumber slices to the closed eyelids and to relax for about fifteen minutes.

  1. Have you ever used ice cubes?

If you do not have a cucumber in the fridge, replace them with cold ice cubes that will soon reduce the size of the pockets. But beware, the ice cubes are very cold, better to wrap them in a small cloth.

  1. To get rid of puffy eyes

The tea bags or chamomile herbal tea that have spent the night in the fridge will also come to the rescue of your puffy eyes if you drop them on your eyes for about fifteen minutes as well.

  1. Lifting gel for tired eyes

If you are interested in cosmetics sold in pharmacies, ask your cosmetician for a lifting gel or a serum that will reduce the dark circles of your tired eyes. You will find beautiful eyes and a nice look.

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To enlarge your look you can draw a line of white or beige pencil inside your eye. A beauty tip proposed by Coin Beauté. You will find plenty of other beauty tips and products on the Beauty Corner blog .

  1. Make the whites look white

How to have whiter eyes, how to whiten them? If your problem is more on the side of the redness of the eyes, a few drops of eye drops better known under the trade name Murine, will make the white of your eyes appear whiter. Your eyes will be even more piercing, whiter.

  1. Reduce the redness of your eyes

How to whiten eyes naturally and remove redness? You can also apply a line of blue makeup pencil to the inside of the lower eyelid for a whiter effect. Otherwise, a drop of honey will also reduce the redness of your eyes to make your eyes look even whiter.

  1. Decrease blue circles for beautiful eyes

To reduce the dark circles under your eyes, I suggest you avoid alcohol and cigarette since the blue circles arise sometimes from alcohol and cigarette abuse.

  1. Properly use the concealer to have beautiful eyes

If the rings are already installed, you will be able to soften the appearance with concealers of color complementary to the rings, which is much more effective. We therefore favor the concealer for brown rings, the yellow for the dark circles and the orange for the blue circles.

  1. Choose your makeup and colors

Finally, for those who are followers of makeup, there are simple tricks to make you beautiful eyes and give you a seductive look. Choose eye shadow colors that match your complexion and eye color and not according to your clothes.

Do not have too heavy hand when applying eye shadow, as this will harden your eyes. Think of lighting it up by applying a touch of blush to the eyebrow. For a magical touch, false eyelashes will magnify your eyes and give you a charming air of singing. As you have noticed, having beautiful eyes is not so complicated.