The Best Exercises to Do At Home

It is not necessary to join a gym to perform good exercises. For this reason, we will show you the best exercises to do at home using only your , which will help reduce fat by working each muscle in the body.



In that movement, you will work all the muscles of the lower , such as the glutes, tendons, and quadriceps. It will also work the part of the center of the body by exercising the muscles of the back and abdominals.

Flexion of arms

Work the upper body, which runs from the chest to the back, including the abdomen. It is necessary that the arms are aligned with the wrists, placing the elbows to the sides without detaching them from the body. Also when doing this you should bring the chest and hips to the floor as much as possible.


Helps strengthen the buttocks and tendons, as well as work the abdominal, internal and back muscles. This exercise is also known as hip lift or extension.


Start with your feet together, resting your arms at your sides. Step forward with your right foot and push it out until your knee is 90 degrees without touching the ground. Finally, remove your right foot from the front while straightening your left leg keeping your knee off the floor.

Iron or Plank

Helps define the central part of the body. If you have trouble keeping your arms straight, try to change it with your forearms but aligning your shoulders and keeping your heels, hips, and shoulders at the same height.


It will help tone the upper left arm muscles. When performing the exercise make sure you have your hips so close to your arms that the legs do the exercise instead of the arms.

One-leg lifting

It helps to work the glutes, tendons and the central part of the body. Stand and lightly move one leg with your knee flexed slightly, then bend it at your hips and lower your torso until your fingers hit the floor.

Abdomen bikes

It helps the central part of the body since it requires rotation and deep stabilization of the . It also helps to activate the fibers of the rectus abdominal muscle and the oblique of the abdomen.

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Elevation of the pelvis, on the floor

It helps strengthen the back and also helps to be less prone to injury. When you do the exercise you need to keep your lower back and lower your legs without touching the ground, it can help you by flexing your knees at first.

Side jump

It is a great complement to any conditioning since it works the fibers of muscles, ligaments, and tendons with a different pattern. This is how most people do it on two planes: forward and backward, or up and down.


It combines resistance and cardiovascular exercises. Here you work the top and bottom as it has a focus on the central part. It can also be done with jumps before doing the squat.

at Home

Every year end, many of us set out to exercise to start the new year in a healthy and fun way. However, these propositions end long before they are concluded or even begin, putting an endless number of pretexts: that if the lack of time, that if the gym is too expensive. Finally, the list goes on, however, exercising at home is a possibility and then are some valuable tips to train at home so effective to and so forget once and for all the pretexts classics.

Tips for exercising at home

  1. It is a reality that the house is full of distractions; Television, internet, the smallest, etc. But that should not prevent anything, since we can either opt for a separate room, preferably spacious, with good lighting and ventilation.
  2. Schedule a specific time to exercise at home is quite a recommended alternative, in this way and with the passage of time, perform our daily routine will become an everyday thing and you just can not overlook.
  3. It must be prepared psychologically, thus avoiding distractions more easily and absorb the pain that lies ahead after completing the exercise as well.
  4. The clothes breathable shoes sports, wristbands and other accessories were invented by something, the fact of being at home does not mean you can exercise wearing jeans or wearing a pair of flip – flops.
  5. Despite what may seem, it has been shown that use appropriate music during exercise can motivate us and therefore make the routine seem easier than it actually is.
  6. Finally, you should also plan it, know the benefits it brings each year and especially knowing perform them correctly because an injury can come when least expected.

Exercise routine to activate the body in the morning

Most jobs today require no movement, save from your desk to the coffee maker and bathroom. So thanks to the workers are sitting most of the day at work has created a society of sedentarism. But many people do not stop to think that with only 20 or 30 minutes of exercise a day is enough to do much for our health and image. So for that simple reason is that this time you want to leave a workout to activate your body in the morning before leaving home and get to work to sit for many hours.

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In the next training session, you will greatly increase blood flow, which will give you excellent blood pumping to start the day. This is highly recommended before going to work because when we sit for many hours, our legs suffer when activated. But if we activate them from the morning before we sit down, it will be much better.

The next session has low impact exercises, so if after a few times you’ve done it you get bored, you can try varying with other exercises that you like more.

If you are a person who has practiced yoga ever in your life, you will notice that this training session has many similarities. Some of the postures as the case of the buttock bridge, etc… To perform this session you probably prefer to have company, since for some of the positions that are used you will need the help of another person to get a better angle of movement, especially in the Stretching.

The main purpose of this routine is to activate you so that you can endure all day. So now it just depends on you and your constancy. Activating session only lasts 17 minutes, so you stay the perfect place to swim, eat breakfast and go to work time. As you will notice in the video, all you need is a towel or a mat and a space of 2 × 2 meters to make the series.

Surely the first few times you do this workout you will want to hear what the coach has to tell us, but after you have done it a few times and you have almost memorized it, I recommend that you better put a good list of songs that you Activate and motivate.

A practical example of workout routine at home

For those who do not have a gym nearby or simply do not want to leave home to train, this may be a good example to follow and improve the physical form of practical and economically. Of course, it will require the constancy and effort of each devote to the routine time of his life at least 3 times a week.


It takes about 10 minutes to run on the site, alternating lifting knees to chest and heels toward your buttocks. You can rest in half a few seconds without leaving the place. If you own a treadmill or stationary bike, this warming can be done there, or by using stairs in the house.

Exercise routine

  • Pushups or lizards: 3 sets of 12 repetitions each. Remember to separate your hands from shoulder widths and align with them. If it is very difficult, you can support your knees on the floor to perform the exercise.
  • Squats: 3 sets of 10 repetitions. If you are a beginner you can do it with the help of a chair in front of you. The feet should be separated from the width of the hip and we must lower the tail, making sure that the knee never passes from the tip of the foot. If you already have an experience you can do the exercises with bars or other weight to hold with the arms in front of the chest.
  • Funds triceps: 3 sets of 12 repetitions. With the help of a chair or a bench, you should place your hands there and push your feet apart to lower your hip as you bend your elbows and pull them back. If you have experience, you can place the feet in another bench of the same height and from there execute the exercise.
  • Striding with alternating legs: 2 sets of 14 repetitions. Remember that the flexed knee should not pass the tip of the foot.
  • Arm lateral raises: 3 sets of 15 repetitions. With the weight in both hands, they can be water bottles, dumbbells, sandbags, stones or packages of flour.
  • Alternating arm bicep curls: 3 sets of 15 repetitions. With the weight just like the previous exercise.
  • Bike (abs): 2 sets of 20 repetitions. On the floor, on a rug or rug, we must raise the torso without forcing the neck and try to join simultaneously elbow with opposite knee, simulating a constant pedaling movement with the legs.
  • Table: 3 sets of 20 seconds each. Placing the forearms on the floor and the tips of the feet supported, we must constrict the abdomen isometrically to keep the body in a straight line for approximately 20 seconds.
  • Horizontal Remo: 2 sets of 15 repetitions. With weight on both hands and torso forward, raise both hands simultaneously.
  • Jumping rope: 3 sets of 8 minutes each. You can jump to the rhythm you want and with the jump you want. Gradually lower the intensity.
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The idea is to work most of the body as possible and eventually incorporate good intensity to burn fat. Between exercise and exercise, it is recommended not to rest more than 2 minutes.

For greater intensity and muscle stimulation, we could increase the weight used progressively and reduce the repetitions to be performed, as well as the series.

You can perform many exercises more, it’s just a practical example of a routine that can be optimized, completed and extended to suit the user.