The Right Full-Body Exercises to Gain Muscle Mass and Lose Fat at Home or Gym

Weider exercises, ie those in which a specific is usually worked, is the most well-known method of training in gymnasiums because of its effectiveness for the growth of exercised muscles, however, did you know that in certain cases are it as good as they paint it?

And eye, it is not that it is wrong to work with the weider method, because something has become so popular, however, this exercise planning can become counterproductive for those who have never worked with loads and one Moment to moment they begin to submit to the muscles to a stress so great as the one that supposes the work in specific fibers.

Can you use the weider from the first day you join the gym? Of course, but it is not the most advisable and in the mouths of many experts this may be a mistake, in addition to the above effort is not worth it if you are not looking for an advanced muscle growth.

If you have been carrying heavy loads for months at the gym, go ahead and continue using the weider method, but on the other hand, if you are a person who thinks to get in shape and has made the decision to join the gym, first of all, let me tell you: Congratulations You’ve done the right thing! Now, start focusing on working all the in the same workout, through the well-known exercises.

What is this full-body exercise?

The full-body exercises to do at home not differ in anything with the Weider, at least as far as the exercises performed, they are usually much more bearable for the newbies who have not yet learned to love the pain of lifting a pair of weights. The full-body are excellent for awakening muscle fibers that have remained sedentary for a long time, being that the stimulus received will be more than enough even to gain a kilo of muscle each time, performing a training every other day and of course, Taking adequate food and rest to promote the correct recovery of trained muscle fibers.

Following this premise, we are going to show you an excellent exercise with which you will test all the muscles of your body. You can do it three times a week, like Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you are brave and feel that your body can with the load, it complements with some cardio after having finished the training or otherwise, you can leave that session for the following day.

Remember that this exercise is for beginners, so the exercises are not very demanding, however, if you can not do some, you can always choose any of the lower intensity variations to carry out the training. The joke is to make the movements with the perfect technique and to start the metabolism to way to the combustion of fats… and let’s not forget the muscle mass that we can get to win at the end of the month.

Necessary equipment

Did you know that with a set of bars and dumbbells, plus a bench is all you need to develop your entire body at ? Well, if you like the idea of training at here we leave you a series of equipment recommendations that will help you to train as a bodybuilder or as a crossfit fan.

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1. A set of Olympic bars

If you want to add variety and heavy exercises for your whole body this is the first thing you need. With a single bar, you can do chest, squats, deadlifts, lunges, biceps curls, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, oars and even calves. All exercises with free weights, which are more effective and involve many .

2. Dumbells

Since you will have the discs a good idea is to get you . You only need a pair as you then replace the discs according to the intensity and weight you can handle. Dumbbells are the second major component of a home gym.

3. An adjustable seat

And preferably come with the option to do quadriceps extensions. This is not strictly necessary but if you have the possibility to do so add resources and variety to your training. Your body is not a just upper body and the legs have to work as much as the chest or back, it is a large muscle that develops throughout your body. What you have to have your bench is the possibility to regulate the backrest to use it for your inclined press and also to make curls with dumbbells or shoulder presses.

4. Bar for dominates

Here you have two options depending on your budget. One is the rack with the weight ingots to regulate it and the other, an economic version that is a support with different grips to hang and do dominated. We recommend the latter for several reasons. First, hanging up and getting dominoes is hard, but it’s also effective. Then, if you already have your bars, your discs and dumbbells do not need to add unnecessary space, with this bar complete your gym and leave the place for what could be a cardio section with boxes and plyometric stairs for example. A bar for dominated, simple and tremendously effective.

5. Miscellaneous Items

We can say that with the four points above you do not need anything else, it is much more than the basics. You have to train your whole body at home and make it varied and effective. But if you are thinking of designing something more complete some items that are never too much are:

  • Rope
  • Plyometric ladder
  • A mat or mat
  • Elastic resistance bands
  • Fitness ball

To finish, we recommend exercises that are progressive, with perfect technique, that go from less to more and that, of course, are accompanied by a diet according to the objective you pursue. A home gym is not for everyone, you will still need the willpower to get in there every day and the creativity or resources to add variety regularly. But since all your appliances are in place, having a gym at home motivates a lot, and you have two steps to the possibility of having the body you want, literally.

How is the full-body exercise done?

In total we will do three or four circuits, depending on your body capacity, the ideal would be to do all four and if you can anymore, then go ahead, remember that the important thing is to listen to your body, because it is he who marks the limit.

Each circuit consists of a total of six exercises focused on working the biceps, back, shoulders, pectoral, triceps, abdomen, and lower train. In each exercise it is necessary to do between 8 and 12 repetitions to have a good stimulation.

Given that we are working in a circuit and therefore work one muscle group to then move to the other, then it is best to take small periods of rest to properly stimulate each fiber used. However, if you feel that you need to rest a little between each exercise or circuit, go ahead, do it with confidence.

Exercises that comprise the exercise

  1. Squats: 12 repetitions. If you can not do a squat, place a chair behind you and sit on it, then get up and repeat.
  2. Pushups: 12 repetitions. You can do sloping bends or knee bends if you do not have a proper command over your .
  3. Shoulder Press: 10 reps. For this you will need a pair of dumbbells or, a backpack loaded with weight.
  4. Bicep Curl: 8 reps. For this, you also need a pair of dumbbells or a backpack with weight.
  5. Crunches: There are several variations of crunches, but to protect a little column, you should do some kind of plank (iron), holding the position for at least 20 seconds.
  6. Remo: 12 repetitions. For its execution it is necessary a dumbbell or backpack with weight.
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Technique of execution of the exercises


The squat is the preferred exercise to work all muscle groups of the lower train. One of the great advantages of squats is that being a completely natural movement and therefore we use countless times in our daily lives, it is quite easy to do, although you must have a good technique of execution to minimize the risk of injury.

  1. The initial position is to stand with your legs slightly apart across the shoulders. Then the hands are carried in front of the body, having at all times the back straight.
  2. He descends slowly as if he were to sit on a chair, so that the movement is lowered as deep as possible, with his heels glued to the ground at all times.
  3. As a next step, return to the starting position, so that the legs are responsible for lifting the body weight.


The push-ups or also called longtijas involve different muscle groups of the upper train, such as the pectoral, triceps and even the abdomen that when contracting allows maintaining the back straight during the route.

There are different variations of the push-ups, however, to start and have a more complete and generalized work, it is recommended to perform traditional push-ups, either keeping the body fully extended or knees supported to minimize the lifted load.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is based on the shrinkage of this muscle group which also involves the trapezoid. The shoulder and the trapezes are the muscles that many forget to work in their first workouts, coming to have a horrible muscle decompensation and a rather amorphous body, so do not pass it for any reason.

  1. The initial position is to stand with your hands glued to the sides of the body and legs spread across the shoulders. The dumbbells are taken with a supine grip starting from shoulder height so that the elbows are at the level of the chest.
  2. The weight is then taken upwards, trying not to make a full extension so that the arms should remain flexed at the end of the eccentric phase.
  3. Finally, the arms are returned to the starting position at a controlled moment. Remember to keep your back straight throughout the course.

Biceps curl

The curl of biceps is an exercise that focuses on a single muscle group, however, is the best move for novices who do not have a control over their own body weight and therefore can not perform other exercises such as the dominated or oars Inversions that also involve this muscle.

  1. To start, stand with your arms glued to the sides of the body, with your back straight and your legs slightly spread across the shoulders. Take the dumbbell in supination, that is, the palm of the hand points forward of the body.
  2. Then carry the load upwards in a controlled motion, keeping the elbow in the same position until it is completely flexed.
  3. To finish it returns to the initial position, again controlling the movement and repeats with the following arm.


Although it is true that with the flexions we can work this muscle easily, the ideal is also to spend some time to have better , and is that the abdomen, along with the biceps, turns out to be a muscle group that requires a lot of stress to be stimulated Adequately, to the point that many athletes usually exercise this every 24 hours.

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There are many variations of abdominal crunch, although it is preferable to use other exercises that are safer for the spine and still pose a challenge for the muscle group in question. In this case, we are talking about the plank or the iron.

Stand on the floor face down, resting the tip of your feet on the floor. The arms should be flexed, so that the forearm supports the weight of the upper train, resulting in the entire body forming a completely straight line. Therefore, the back should be straight and the abdomen contracted to stay in the air without any problem. If you distribute all the weight in the extremities of the body, then little or nothing will serve you to do this exercise, so much eye.

Dumbbell rowing

This exercise is a classic in the gym and an excellent alternative for the dominates, so it can be done by anyone, requiring only a loaded dumbbell or backpack.

  1. Begin by taking the dumbbell with one hand, so that the knee and hand on the opposite side will support it on a flat bench. In this way, the lower and upper body train will have formed a 90-degree angle, so it is important to keep your back like a board.
  2. From this position pull the dumbbell to bring it up, keeping the arms parallel to the body and with the elbow carried back of the back to simulate the movement of the oar.
  3. In a controlled movement, it returns to the starting position and repeats.

Precautions and tips to keep in mind

  1. Remember before starting a workout exercise is always important to do a warm-up session, performing dynamic stretches for the muscle to prepare for the most complex and intense movements, which significantly reduces the risk of injury
  2. Likewise, in order to avoid injuries, it is essential to follow to the letter the technique of execution of the exercises. With this, it is also possible to recruit more muscle fibers and therefore, achieve more optimal results. After all, quality is worth more than quantity.
  3. If you’ve never done any physical activity or suffer from any cardiovascular or respiratory disease, we recommend consulting your doctor before you start with your workouts.
  4. If you feel capable and you can add more intensity to the exercise, position yourself a backpack with weight when doing pushups and situps.
  5. This exercise is used to adapt the muscle to workloads, so it is recommended to be done over a period of six weeks. After this time can be changed to a Weider exercise or, increase the volume of it to continue progressing.

How many calories do you burn with this exercise?

This exercise being anaerobic, ie only stimulates muscle mass does not burn as many calories as if it were a session of cardio or HIIT. However, remember that what matters is not the number of calories you spend in training, but the physiological effects that are produced post-workout. By having a larger muscle mass, your basal metabolism gets faster, so in the long run, this exercise will help you burn more calories even in the resting state and therefore you can lose a lot more fat.

If you still want to quantify the energy expenditure, you must take into account that it influences different aspects such as age, weight, genetics, sex, etc. As a reference note that the range of caloric consumption ranges from 150 calories for a girl of low weight and performing the exercise at a light intensity, up to 400 calories for a subject with high weight and performing the exercise at an intensity higher.