The Stages Of Female Breast Development

Puberty is a sign of the transformation of a girl into a woman. This is an exciting period for the mother as the girl enters a new stage of her life. But, at the same time, the girl who suffers this transformation can feel this stage as very painful and very frightening. Many girls even feel ashamed because they do not know how to deal with this situation. It is therefore the responsibility of a mother or any other member of the family to help the girl understand the and the function of the .

The development of the breasts in a woman is a physical change in the body that begins even before the cycle of menstruation. The function of a woman’s breasts is to produce the milk that is used to nurse her child. There are different stages of breast development, but the development of the breast may be different in each girl. Some may develop well before the other girls, as it also depends on the growth and general development of the body.

The stages of

There are different stages of breast development in girls that show how the breast grows. The whole process is the part of puberty. The development of breasts in girls is divided into 5 stages. It starts when girls are not even aware of this change in their body. Some girls may find it painful and some may have fear, but whatever it is, it is a normal process that every girl has to go through. The following are the stages of how a woman develops her breast.

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Stage 1

Girls under age 10 fall into this category. This stage is considered as the preadolescent stage of a girl. There is no growth of the breast at this stage. The nipples look like brown cocoons that are not much more prominent. Some girls may see some growth due to early puberty, but it is usually seen after this age. Those who feel a certain development do not need to worry because their condition is normal.

Stage 2

The aged 8 to 13 years fall within this stage. This is a stage in which a girl enters the age of puberty. It is characterized by the appearance of the outbreak, the nipples and aura are defined, the dark part surrounding the nipples is enlarged. At this stage, the tissues begin to develop and are considered a prominent place. This growth is accompanied by a pain in the chest. The milk duct also develops at this stage. Some girls may develop chest more than normal due to obesity, resulting in the secretion of hormones from early puberty.

Stage 3

The aged 12 to 14 years fall into this category. This is the age of teenagers. A girl usually enters the period of menstruation at this age. The breasts are seen more and more and are more visible. The aura spreads more and the breast begins to bulge out. Glandular tissues rise and the estrogen hormone begins to form the breast. This can be a painful stage for some girls, as they can feel the pain all the time.

Stage 4

Girls from 12 to 15 years fall into this category. The breast continues to grow and a second layer of the mound is seen on the breast. There will be pain in the breasts as the skin is stretched and the chest is enlarged. This can also result in stretch marks that will diminish over time. At this stage, the girl should start wearing a bra to avoid injury to the breast. The bra or bra also gives it a proper shape. Mothers should be more concerned about their daughters at this stage and should try to make them understand about all aspects of puberty. You should also explain how to conduct your breast self-examination, which will help you in your following years to prevent . Girls who have not started with their menstruation cycle, will start their most likely cycle at this stage.

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Stage 5

The girls from 14 to 18 fall into this category. This is a stage in which the girls manage to develop the adult matured sine. The breast has its round shape with the nipples in the relief. Although in some women, total breast growth can occur until the age of twenty. At this stage, the girls will be able to determine their actual breast size. The last stage may consist of the formations of a small protuberance that is the result of the complete development of the duct that is carried out at the time of pregnancy. In stage 5, breast growth depends entirely on weight gain and weight loss for women which means that deposition of fat after this stage plays an important role in the formation of the larger breast.

Pregnancy and breast development

During the the breast becomes uneven and some may even feel the change in breast texture. This is very normal as the breast tries to prepare for pregnancy. If pregnancy does not occur, the chest returns to normal size. The breast is not yet fully developed, even after completing all five stages of puberty and adulthood. Complete development takes place during pregnancy. Due to the hormone progesterone in pregnancy, the breast undergoes many changes and reaches maturity. The breast starts swelling due to the development of milk ducts. You can also find enlargement and darkening of the aureole. All these changes help the mother to get everything she needs to produce milk for the baby.

Each girl’s body may follow a different pattern of breast development, therefore, you may find that age at all stages overlap. After 40 years of age, the size of the breasts begins to decrease as the milk duct begins to dry. Subsequently, in the previous stage, the chest will loosen and fall due to the effect of gravity. If you want to keep your breast size as it was at 18 years of age, then you should try a little of the chest firming exercises that are considered to be very effective. I hope this article has helped you understand the different stages of breast development. Explain to your daughter about the various stages of breast development and help her overcome this important but crucial part of her life.