7 Ways To Avoid Fatty Skin That Will Make Skin Care Simpler

I think you’re going to agree with me when I say “It is dangerous to have oily skin or prone skin”. Here are 7 ways you can do to prevent oily skin.

Avoiding oily skin is simpler than you think: some people (especially as they approach adolescence, from 12 to 13 years old) begin to perceive that their skin produces too much oil; The skin shines, is thick and looks very bad. There is no makeup that stops that process and soon appears one of the most feared enemies: acne.

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Oily skin brings multiple consequences, not only physical and aesthetic, but psychological. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to take care of your skin and help stop (or at least keep under control) a greasy complexion.

7 ways to avoid oily skin:

1. Stop washing your face so much

I know this is the opposite of what they tell you to do to treat acne and oily skin. But washing your face with drying products worsens the situation.

Because the bait (the natural oil that produces your skin) is not totally bad. Your body produces it to protect and lubricate your skin. When you are constantly removing the bait from your face, your body receives this as a sign that it occupies to produce more bait, your body ends up producing so much bait that you see the face of the skin full of fat.

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Do not wash your face more than 2 times a day. You can take your face only once a day

If you want to use natural products to wash your face you can use manuka honey or natural honey.

At first the face of your skin is going to feel full of grease, and you will want to wash it, but do not do it. Soon your body will send the signal to stop producing bait.

Do not use abrasive products more than once a week. These types of products (homemade or not) are excellent for removing pimples and small deposits of fat, but you can not abuse them.

Instead you can wash your face with a wipe or sponge of rough texture but very soft, that removes impurities without hurting. As for frequency, I recommend this wash at least in the morning and at night. Respect this twice-daily rhythm and keep your face’s fat levels at the right margins

2. Just wash your skin with warm water

Using hot water will stimulate the production of bait.

Wash your face with warm water, this will help you remove the grease along with the cleaner you have chosen and facilitating the action of this, which will not happen with cold water. Too hot water can irritate your skin and the end result will be catastrophic.

3. Improve your diet and your lifestyle

If you have decreased the number of times you wash your face and avoid washing your face with hot water, but you still feel , you have more points to do. The production of oil is stimulated by our hormonal reactions which are influenced by diet and lifestyle.

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Increase intake of fruits, vegetables and fiber while lowering fats, butter, processed foods, fried foods and oils. Avoid dairy for a while, the hormones in milk have a lot of influence on the production of oil and acne.

Drink lots of water and increase skin perspiration (especially exercising).

4. Use a mild cleanser

Why do I say cleaner? Because if you have economic possibilities to acquire a good cream, this will be very good. But you can also use a neutral soap, glycerin or baby, all products that will clean without irritating your skin. If you opt for more astringent soaps, you will remove the fat in the first moments, but quickly the skin will defend itself by producing more and more fat. What you do not want!

5. Check and maintain adequate hydration of your face

This is a key point, whose very special balance you must learn to distinguish: a non-greasy skin is not the same as a dry skin. The ideal is a properly hydrated skin, without adding fatty components.

6. Choose and Apply Proper Makeup

This is very, very important. I know many people who try to hide this problem, apply excess makeup, particularly cosmetic powders, because they manage to obscure that unsightly sheen characteristic of oily skin.

But if you do not do it right, or you do not choose the right products, the problem only worsens and becomes a vicious circle: pores become clogged, natural oils do not flow and they form unsightly and painful deposits of fat.

7. Use astringent wipes or pads to prevent oily skin

They are especially useful if you choose to use cleansing creams instead of mild soap and water. Also they are ideal for an emergency, for example in the office or in a public transport where you want to be impeccable and you do not have hygiene elements nearby. I recommend that you carry some always handy in your bag.

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Consult a dermatologist if you do not see results

In persistent or more serious cases, if none of the above works you should go to your dermatologist to get the correct .

Now …

I told you before that I will focus attention on one of the eight points I have always, but you can always put it into practice. Guess what it is? Probably yes … because I mentioned it in the first place: hygiene.

Trust me: there will be cases that will be solved almost exclusively in this way, or at the most, by combining it with an adequate diet.

Use a clay mask to prevent oily skin

Nothing as effective as going to a clay mask. Its effect is that they dry your skin and get rid of most excess fat, but you should always use them in moderation and advise you well on how to apply, in case you should do it for yourself and not with a specialist cosmetologist.

Put these into practice, the more you can adopt among your habits, the better. Believe me that it depends only on your will, because the most effective, hygiene and food, do not require visits to the doctor or pay expensive treatments that are beyond the reach of your budget. Everything is a matter of decision and will, I assure you.

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