What Are The Advantages Of Having Large Breasts?

In this world in which we live, men desire women with generous breasts. Even magazines, movies and celebrities encourage the idea that breasts play a vital role in the appearance of women.

With that, those who are not well endowed feel less feminine and aesthetically unpleasant. They are convinced that in order to catch the attention of men, they should improve their size. Some are even desperate enough to ignore the risks of just to become attractive.

On the other hand, in a recent survey by the Huffington Post, a group of women was asked if they would prefer a higher IQ or . The results were, 61% of women prefer to have . This could be the underlying reason why breast augmentation has been the most valued cosmetic procedure since 2006.

However, many women remain skeptical with the idea of ​​undergoing the scalpel just to increase breast size. As far as possible they prefer to opt for natural methods instead of .

Advantages for women to have large breasts

1. Increased confidence

A larger cup size might make a woman feel more confident about herself. On the one hand, due to societal influences, having voluptuous breasts could make women feel more desirable and seductive which causes a sudden increase in their level of confidence. If you have noticed, a lot of sex symbols are , only a few have small breasts. Even in history, the larger breasts symbolize greater fertility.

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The media plays a very important role as well. In order to be stunning and attractive, you must have voluptuous and turgid breasts. Of course, women do not often admit that the media and other external influences affect the way they feel about themselves.

However, each of us aspires to hear a favorable feeling in how we see ourselves, unconsciously or not, we are being influenced by how others perceive us. This is the reason why surgery, as well as several other methods for having larger breasts, have been a trend for .

2. Best Appearance

We want to look good and feel good. Whether it’s having shiny skin, white teeth, nice clothes, and big breasts. Being blessed with fuller breasts allows a woman to improve her overall appearance.

Having the large bust makes the waist look smaller, which creates an illusion of a coveted hourglass figure. Aside from that, larger breasts make shopping easier to do as the clothes will look better and fit your body better.

3. Better Loving Life

The larger breasts make women feel more like a sex goddess. This indicates that women who used to have the smallest breasts could manifest intensified sexual interest after acquiring larger breasts.

In fact, being a bigger cup size could make any woman feel like a sexy and more confident kitten on her body – men love women with bigger breasts and could take advantage of it. Also, having bigger breasts could make you feel more adventurous.

4. No problem when you go shopping

It is quite difficult to find clothing that matches a small bust. For example, when shopping for swimsuits, you should opt for those that have filler or other designs that could give an illusion of having larger breasts.

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However, many of these designs do not really do much to improve small breasts. As a matter of fact, a lot of these outfits require you to have some chest, and having a very small cup might be a problem, especially if you are in search of a seductive swimsuit.

Not only that, tops and dresses are also a concern when you are looking for clothes that will enhance your figure even though you have small breasts. However, women who have larger breasts usually do not encounter these problems.