What Is Rhinoplasty Without Surgery?

Rhinoplasty without surgery is an intervention that seeks to modify of the nose, hump (called the bone protruding from the back of the nose), deviations to the right or left and malformations as the sequels of Lip, sunken palate and other genetic factors, acquired in life by illness or injury.

What can we change with without surgery?

With  you can reduce the nose , make the tip smaller, it can be enlarged or you can dwarf everything that is the nose, however the nose requires a previous important study, you must take a photo before the intervention And presenting a model to the patient to show how it will remain after the intervention to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is also important to measure the length of the patient’s face by dividing it into three-thirds so that he can value it well. And even though these three-thirds are usually proportioned, however aesthetic units, and are called aesthetic units to the nose, eyebrows, mouth … for some of these aspects in particular can give an exaggerated image of that third.

What does this mean?

Upper third: Measured from the root of the hair to the eyebrows.

Middle third: It goes from the lower part of the eyebrows to the base of the nose

Lower third: runs from the base of the nose to the chin.

One of the important aspects when performing a rhinoplasty treatment without surgery is to assess the contours and transition angles between the forehead and the base of the nose, in women it tends to be approximately 90-100 degrees (ie , Very acute angles should be corrected and flattened, that gives the sensation of a little narrowing of the nose in noses that have a lot of volume in the central zone, another of the important angles is the angle between the upper lip and the base of the nose, This in people with very will noticeably improve their appearance because it will give the sensation that the upper lip increases a little bit and the nasal tip is going to lift a little, (for those people who are falling due at the age of).

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The nose can be reshaped, shaped, reconstructed, with rhinoplasty without surgery

In rhinoplasty what is done is to recover or make the proportions or volumes are smoother, , and improve the appearance of the skin.

A few years ago the only alternative we had to treat these types of problems was rhinoplasty (surgery), the advance of the new non-invasive techniques that are now used in aesthetic dermatology, such as rhinoplasty without surgery nowadays allows us to achieve results Fantastic, in sessions of five or ten minutes you can get results very similar to surgical, in fact is a very good technique as a complement to rhinoplasty.

The concept of today to treat a nose, is not to treat deformities directly, if not to seek more smooth proportions and transitions, this means that a thing will seem large or small in relation to what you have to your around.

Botox on the top of the nose lasts for 6 months and for 9 to 12 months

Types of rhinoplasty without surgery

Rhinoplasty without surgery is performed by the introduction of special preparations into the skin, depending on the type of substance used to correct the appearance, it is necessary to distinguish:

  • Rhinoplasty without surgery using resorbable gels over time. This technique allows getting rid of problems such as small dents, depressions … The main task of the doctor in this case is the correct calculation of the necessary amount of gel, which provides alignment of the back, wings or other parts of the nose . It is important to note that the treatment fillings of rhinoplasty without surgery, ie what we call gels, gives only a temporary effect that lasts approximately 1 to 2 years. Thereafter, the rhinoplasty procedure without surgery should be repeated.
  • Rhinoplasty without surgery using hormonal medications. If the rhinoplasty fillers focuses on removing the depressions, correcting the nose by means of hormonal substances, you can get rid of a small hump or protuberances. Very often this method of non-surgical rhinoplasty is used to correct the nose and tip wings.
  • Rhinoplasty without surgery with special threads apt. The application of this treatment justified in the case when it is required to lift the tip of the nose, hanging or adjusting the nostrils through microscopic perforations introducing threads that tighten the fabric, where the desired result is achieved.
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Any non-surgical or non-surgical procedure to correct nose shape is quite simple and has a traumatic low, where you will probably be able to return to your normal activities within 1-2 days after the procedure.

The changes made with rhinoplasty in the shape of the nose are through dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid.

Fine lines located on the top of the nose (wrinkled nose), often visible when smiled, can be treated with injections of botulinum toxin.

The injections are usually not painful, apply an anesthetic cream 60 minutes before the session.

The duration of treatment for rhinoplasty without surgery is 10 to 15 minutes. Small bruises or redness may appear during treatment but disappear quickly.

The hyaluronic acid used in rhinoplasty without surgery is a simple, safe and effective filling product.

The benefits of rhinoplasty without surgery are numerous:

  • The treatment is performed without general anesthesia and without surgery.
  • There is no downtime.
  • The result is immediate and very well tolerated.
  • Rhinoplasty may be associated with surgery afterwards.
  • The treatment of rhinoplasty is not very expensive, its price goes from $400 to $800 approximately, compared to surgery is quite economical.

This treatment is not definitive, the effects of the injection are visible between 9 months (if the injection is hyaluronic acid) and 2 years. In addition, the product can be absorbed immediately by an injection of hyaluronidase if the result does not suit you.

An almost instant recovery: Remember plasters, scars, days locked in waiting to be restored to recover social life. This method is shown as an alternative to traditional and is done with the sole purpose of correcting imperfections. Using a rhinoplasty without surgery helps to make improvements in the profile of the line according to your aspirations and possible technical considerations for this procedure.

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If you want to change the appearance of your nose without surgery, rhinoplasty without surgery is the solution for you. So, remodel, refine your nose without surgery and say goodbye to your complex this treatment is the one you are looking for !!