Why Have A Breast Augmentation Without Surgery?

Hello! I know that at some point you may have wondered about the different methods with which you could increase your bust, and you have come to the conclusion that is the best for you, since it is a very fast form… today I want to tell you that that is not true.

From my own experience I tell you that there are many ways to increase your bust without going to a or without taking dangerous pills. I made 3 sizes in just 8 weeks.

You may not know it, but the best surgeons advise you to perform this surgery only if this is your last option.

For the above, I want to share with you a very important information: the reality of breast augmentation, and why you can have a breast augmentation without surgery.

Look Why It’s Better To Look For A Breast Augmentation Without Surgery

First, you should know what breast augmentation is, or as it is commonly known, . This is an aesthetic surgical procedure in which the patient undergoes general anesthesia and is subsequently inserted silicone or saline , so that her bust is larger. In these surgeries the patient can choose the shape and size of her .

This intervention is usually done by an incision in the areola, and then the muscle is released to insert the implant under it. Sometimes the wounds are closed with absorbable points which degrade in the breasts, and sometimes with normal points, which are removed later.

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The painful recovery from this surgery can take from 4 months to 1 year, depending on the healing of each person and the environment in which they are. For me, this time is quite long, considering that with the method I applied I never felt any pain, and I was only 8 weeks in this process.

Next, I want you to know these 4 risks associated with this intervention (only 4 risks within the many that have the mamoplasty), which you will not have to expose yourself if you apply a method for breast augmentation without surgery:

1. Risks of general anesthesia:

Since this surgery is quite invasive, the anesthesia given is general, either intravenous or respiratory. If you are a smoker or are accustomed to drinking liquor, if you have a family history of heart, respiratory or kidney problems, or if someone in your family or you are allergic to anesthesia or any of the components, you can take some risk. Some of these are temporary mental confusion, lung infection, heart attack, cerebrovascular accident, damage to the vocal cords, being able to wake up during the procedure, and even death itself is a risk, although it is rarely present.

2. Infections:

Whenever you have any intervention you are at risk of getting a bacterial infection. These can come from those instruments used in the intervention and that have not been disinfected or have been used before, the environment in which you operate or in which you are during your recovery, the clothing you wear after surgery, the wind , etc. There are some infections that are mild and can be cured with antibiotics, or can be serious, for which the implants may need to be removed later.

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Reasons to go for a breast augmentation without surgery

3. Bruising:

During the surgery, one of the veins may break and only be noticed until a few days later when there are areas of violet in your breasts or back. Many times these accumulations of blood can be dangerous for your circulatory system, so you must go to have another intervention. Both this and the other risks should not run if you seek a breast augmentation without surgery.

4. Rejection of Implants:

Not all bodies react in the same way, and there are many times that our body is in charge of rejecting those strange and dangerous bodies. If the implants are placed wrongly inside our breasts, both the muscles and the skin can reject the implant causing a death or necrosis of these tissues. In those cases the implant should be removed and the remaining scars on the necrotic tissue are notorious forever. Both excessive heat or cold, or continuous exposure to microwave waves can affect implant acceptance.

I hope this information has been very useful to you. If after knowing this, you are determined to increase your breasts in a natural way and you want to know how to increase the bust, without having to expose yourself to these and more risks, I recommend the method to increase the bust that I used, which is 100% Natural and effective. Thanks to him, I never had to go to a surgeon and spend an exorbitant amount of money, or go to postoperative appointments, because everything I did from my house.

Today you can fully see all this method and start increasing your bust day by day. I know you’re going to take advantage of this opportunity to increase your breasts naturally, as you are not willing to take the risks that surgery brings. To have the bust that you have always dreamed of breast augmentation naturally and look at this method completely.