Women Hair Color Trends 2018 – What Is The Next Year?

The New Year is getting closer and there is certainly a lot of interest for what hairbrushes will be. Both new ideas and those that were already announced this year are new. So if you have already found the right for you, you do not have to look for a new color for next year. But maybe you’ll find something you like much better. Check out our gallery from the upcoming hair color trends 2018 and get inspired by the impressive looks!

for women 2018 – Highlights in pastel tones

Anyone who likes it will fall in love with these hair color . And although it is an unusual variant, it is not as striking as you might think at the very first moment. Above all, the color pink does not appear in the blond hair immediately, but only at closer inspection. The idea is elegant and stylish and can of course also be achieved with other bright pastel tones.

Ombre as hair color trends with bright tips

If you are still not convinced by the trends of the last year, it will be next year at the latest. Especially the variant with the brighter tips is very interesting and is not only for ladies with a good way to hide the blemish. Even those who want to try out a brighter hair color can take the first step with this look.

Contrasting ombre look

If the coloring of the hair tips is not striking enough, the trendy Ombre can also be designed with a brighter contrast. What is important here is the uniform transition from one hair color to another to achieve a harmonious look. Especially in combination with the Long Bob, the Ombre hair color trends are very popular.

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Silver shimmer for the hair color

What is meant by this is not to dye the hair extra-gray. Hair color trends like these are intended for women who already have gray hair and proudly present it. A special tint makes your hair look attractive and reminds you of silver. A wonderful trend, where no drastic change is necessary.

Hair color trends in gray

But the gray look can have everyone! Especially gray hair, which is long, looks particularly elegant. This is also the reason why more and more young ladies prefer this hair color to the blond. In the meantime, more and more women are seeing gray, which does not mean the same age, but creates an attractive look. No wonder this color belongs to the 2018 hair color trends.

Ombre in gray

Also in the form of an ombre look, the color gray looks very attractive. The basic color is brown, because the bright tone is the best. Gray colors as hair color trends can be chosen for this purpose in different nuances from dark to light.

Blonde hair color trends

The blond highlights have been very popular with the ladies for many, many years. This trend has never really left us. But next year the styling takes a new start and gives the color great effects. Blond hair as hair color trends are not only suitable for black or brown hair but also very attractive in red hair.

Singing highlights

For a long time this look was regarded as unfashionable. But in 2018, the former trend will return and will adorn the hair of many ladies. What is meant is the strands look, where not as in the upper example countless highlights in the hair are distributed, but broader highlight only isolated the hair adorn. With the hair color trends with highlights you have the choice!

Platinum Blonde

Everything that was announced in the 90s is now fashionable again. This also applies to the of the 90s, which include platinum blond. Combined with a long bob or short hair treatment, this hair color works particularly well. With the appropriate outfit, but also in everyday life, a trendy and attractive styling with the hair color trends is guaranteed!

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Hair color trends in red

Fireproof hair does not stand for every woman. With a very light complexion, however, the color comes into its own. Even ladies with green or blue eyes have the opportunity to try out red as hair color trends. If you do not want to look at the striking look as hair color trends, you can try it with red tips.

The right shade

Red colors as hair color trends can be found in a variety of colors. For this reason you should have good advice in advance. Avoid Experiment! Red hair should be best composed of highlights. A good care is just as important to guarantee shiny hair and avoid a stressed, matte look. Very popular is the copper hair color.


Mahogany is undoubtedly a pretty variation, which is a less drastic change because it resembles the brown color. Depending on the color, the color does not appear in the light. As you can see, the selection of reds as hair color trends is no less numerous as well as in the blonde and brunette.


If you have brunettes hair and want to try something new, but do not want to be the same blond, the Bronde is the right choice. This is a mean between Brunette and Blond, as if it were a very bright brown tone with interesting effects depending on the light, which fits almost every type. Light brown hair stand for every guy!

Violet in the hair

Ladies also create a real eye-catcher when you wear strands in violet. For this purpose, a pale color tone can be chosen as well as a more powerful one. The romantic hair styling as part of the makes itself particularly with a black or dark brown hair color very well. But even blondes can look at this variation of the hair color trends.

Blue in blond hair

A beautiful, blue pastel tone as an accent in the hair looks youthful, without too much eye and very elegant. Especially platinum blond can be beautifully enhanced with a few blue strands. If you are brave, you can definitely try one of the hair color trends 2018 with colors. Try it with only a few strands.

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Colorful effects

Rainbow effects are already a big trend. And also in the hair color trends 2018 they find their place. The look can be used for the hides, but also hidden under the hairs and only to show in certain hairstyles. Particularly striking are the colors in the blond hair, but also look very nice in the dark. Use colors without ammonia and oxidizing agents to preserve the hair.

New Hair Trends 2018 for women – mint green

Even with this color, you will undoubtedly attract all eyes. Mint green is one of the color trimmings for hair and can decorate all hair as well as only in the form of highlights. These hair coloring trends are suitable for short and long hair, and they are best absorbed by blond hair.



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