Vaginal Odor – Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Are you embarrassed by the vaginal odors you give off? The human body can, and does, produce many different odors. This is a natural process, even when we try to eliminate/conceal all of our power through the use

The Benefits of Papaya Enzymes in Digestion

Nutrition experts recommend avoiding fruits after meals, because of the negative effects on digestion. But as every rule has its exception, the papaya is, in this case, the exception that confirms the rule. There are plenty of

How to Lose Weight with Hypothyroidism: 5 Fundamental Steps

Losing weight with hypothyroidism and maintaining it can be an extremely hard fight. Metabolism slows down and you almost always feel tired. But if you break the process down into small steps and score goals as you go along, weight loss with

How to Increase Cervical Mucosa to Achieve Pregnancy

The cervical mucosa or cervical mucus produced actually helps the wishes/needs of every woman to conceive. It is very common for women to experience vaginal dryness re- during their childbearing years, but if this keeps up for too long, can cause problems to achieve pregnancy.

Dangerous and Extreme Trends for Weight Loss

If overweight overwhelms you and you want quick measures to eliminate that burden, you should know that extreme measures to lose weight are usually dangerous. Especially if we take into account the fact that obesity is a growing problem in the Western world, the

10 Benefits We Get By Including Arugula in the Diet

The rocket is a cruciferous vegetable highly nutritious. Despite this, many people have never heard of it, much less have been able to enjoy its benefits. Basically, it is a herb that has a distinctive spicy taste and its leaves are